How to Choose a Hairstyle According to Your Face Shape

Every good hairdresser or hair stylist and each woman attentive to the look is well aware that not all hairstyles are perfectly suited to your face. Here are some tips for choosing the best cut of hair according to our face:

The sharp corners of the jaw of a square face underline its sharp character. If you want to accentuate the hard side of yourself you can easily favor of cuts short they discover the face. However, the cuts equal to the chin makes it look very stern face. To sweeten the features is recommended to avoid hairstyles too geometric and sharp. Yes the line on one side and long cuts, marched and light covering his jaw. Wavy hair with irregular tufts also ideal.

This type of face tends to look younger than the others, but also seem more chubby if you surrounds with fluffy and voluminous hair styles. So avoid these hairstyles. Abolished the hair wavy, boater a smooth cut and long covering well the cheeks. Also avoid regular fringes because shorten the facial height. Best to choose a vintage hairstyle that creates more volume on top of the head, will avoid that emphasizes the roundness of the face.

The oval or long face is considered the most versatile because you fit well various styles and hairstyles. If, however, the face is excessively long, it is best to avoid untimely fold too smooth and prefer gauzy folds, moves and covering his forehead, if it is too high. Excessively long or short cuts will emphasize the length of the face.

This face is widest at the temples, narrow jaw and sharp in the chin. For this face is perfect to add volume around the ears, even a slight fringe gives a lot. It ‘good to keep a cutting hair medium-long and soft, not too smooth nor too curly. Yes to read fringes.