How to Choose a Good Jacket

The jacket must be selected for the sensations it gives when you wear it the first time.

First you need to give priority to the convenience, find the appropriate cutting to your silhouette and style. Comfort and lightness are essential qualities for a man’s wardrobe.

The important details in a jacket focus on sensory experience: the softness of fabric, the sound of movement, comfort, in short, find the best in every detail, from the choice of material to the proportions. Attention to the construction determines the perfection of jacket and its fit.

The most frequent mistake that you make when buying a jacket, according to Itypejob, is not to try it, being persuaded by a photo or a particular pattern.

The jacket must be lived and used it a lot, passionately, just so you can preserve it in the right way. Should not feel never left it.

For the day, the ideal is a classic jacket paired with a polo, with tone-on-tone effect and the splash of color is given by the tie.

The timeless gray is the most elegant of the dress. The coat is gray, the texture of the fabric is lightweight, and the shirt is white and sober tie to make the sophisticated and impeccable.

For a look between the formal and the informal, the shirt and tie, no jacket is perfect. The light blue cotton shirt, a timeless classic, from abbianare to a silk tie is the right choice for this winter.

The most important element of the shirt’s collar, on which the viewer ends up focus: ideally form a perfect triangle in which to place the tie.

The choice of colors of the latter must be entrusted to the imagination and provides a touch of personality to your look, but you should avoid designs too large and excessively loud colors. Other style: shirts too tight, with horizontal lines or larger than five millimeters.