How to Care for and Keep the Makeup Properly

Tips to care for and store properly their makeups

Nowadays it is increasingly common to find women in love with makeup and keep at home an arsenal worthy of professional makeup artists. Although the techniques to use the products correctly being popularized, many people still do not know how to keep makeup without compromising your life. Here’s how to care for and store your makes the right way:

Many women have used to accommodate your makeup on the bathroom counter, because practical, since there tidy hair, body and face creams, as do the make of the day, but this is a very big mistake, because the bathroom environment tends to be stuffy and very the humid, so the makeup may have your expiration date changed.

It is wise to keep the makeup always in the closet or in the same room, in the wardrobe or dresser with adequate spaces to organize them. Makeup should stay out of humid environments and must not be exposed to the Sun. Brushes should always be cleaned and saved after dry, suggested by Internetiest.

The brushes can be stored in boxes or exposed in pots and vases, which provide easy identification in time to do the makeup. Use a pot for each type of brush, separated by function, for example, join in the same pot everyone face brushes, in another all-contest, in another all of eyelid and so on.