How to Calculate Your Pregnancy Due Date

Here’s How to calculate the delivery using a valuable tool that provides many useful information about visits, ultrasounds, food and everything that a pregnant woman must keep tabs on during gestation.

When born? Here’s the first thing that the friends they ask you when you communicate to them the good news, and so it is not uncommon to panic for the correct count of weeks pregnant. The first thing that we should clarify the duration of pregnancy, which is not nine months as you’ve always believed and how all you have said, or rather, is the method of measurement which is incorrect. When it comes to pregnancy must be counted in weeks.

The normal gestation lasts 40 weeks and regular mediamene, and in that sense the expected date of childbirth is calculated considering the full gestation, although in many cases there are women who give birth a bit earlier, but also a bit later, in this case at some point, your doctor will decide, or not, If you practice a caesarean section.

All clear, but when it really begins the count? In theory you start counting the weeks from the first day of your last period, precisely because it is unlikely to achieve with great certainty the moment of conception. Now to calculate the due date you can use a tool, easy to find, which is called “Calendar obstetrician“. It is in short a cardboard disk formed by two concentric circles to be placed in relation to the starting date of computation, from which you will get then the expected delivery date, which is not saying, however, that coincides with what actually will happen. Better to treat it as an indicative date.

The advantage of this tool, however, is that it provides a huge amount of information, as the probable date of conception, but also not forget deadlines, then scans and checkups, information about fetal growth, body changes and even many recommendations on diet to be followed during pregnancy.

But the calculation is trustworthy? In theory in women with regular menstrual cycle the information regarding the date of birth can be quite accurate, mostly we get a date from which the baby could be born. But don’t forget that the delivery can take place from 38th to 42nd week. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, it is considerably more complicated to establish with good approximation the date of birth, because it is difficult to determine when ovulation has occurred.