How to Buy Pillow Case

Order bed linen is sometimes not so obvious (what size to choose, pillowcase too small or too big, not suitable …). Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing your pillowcases and bolster.

The bolster case
is often thought that the bolster pillow must have the same dimensions as the bolster, but in reality it should be longer. For example, for a classic pillowcase bolster (no flap or closing), it is necessary that it protrudes about 20 cm on each side. This helps protect the bolster and give it a more chic style. Bolster Bolster case 70 cm 140 cm 80 cm 140 cm90 cm 140 cm 120 cm 185 cm 140 cm 185 cm 160 cm 200 cm 180 cm 230 cm 200 cm 230/240 cm Pillowcase pillow shape memory Very comfortable, the shape memory pillows have a generous topping but are more bulky than conventional pillows. It is therefore necessary to choose larger covers, one size bigger for the shape memory pillows “flat” and two sizes bigger for the shape memory pillows “to wave.” Shape memory pillow Pillow of pillow shape memory 60×33 cm 65×65 cm 55×40 cm (with wave) 70×50 cm 60×60 cm 65×65 cm 75×45 cm 80×50 cm We hope this article will help you in choosing your pillowcases and bolster pillow. On your feet! Next week we will discuss other mistakes to avoid when choosing your linens. See all pillow cases on epillowcases.