How to Buy Maternity Clothes. Part I

During pregnancy, I was faced with major changes, both body and hormonal, emotional, psychological, spiritual, in the way of eating and obviously also in the dress.

I read a little on the subject online, unfortunately at the time it was not between my plantes writing this blog, so I do not have any link; However I will try to summarize the good advice that I remember and tell them my experiences along this beautiful stage. Thank you mama for pushing me to dress up, feel good and be comfortable at the same time.

Which size to buy during the first 8 weeks as described in pregnancy attire? At this stage even I didn’t look pregnant as such, but a little plump. In fact we had just returned from a trip to Rome, with a couple of pounds other. So not seen if the kilos were for excess pizza and ice cream, or because Sam came along way ūüôā One of the best tips I found for this stage was the buy normal clothes, I want to say that non of maternity; of 1 size larger than normally used. Although he initially gives a little pocket pain buy clothes that we use only 2 months, ends up being a good investment for several reasons:

‚ÄĘ Is probably the size with which you will come out of the delivery, so reutilizar√°s it 2 or 3 months more.
‚ÄĘ You will want to look presentable and feel good with you in, that will help you to maintain the self-esteem (which could be lowered a bit to look and appear to be fat instead of already having a good round beautiful barrigota).
‚ÄĘ You need to feel comfortable, possibly parties top (shirts, blouses, shirts) you still serve loosely, but pants will probably bother you and it is very uncomfortable being pregnant and sit down with pants (especially jeans) tight. I almost immediately began to tighten me blouses (having fallen 2 kg. for the first 2 months) to swell my rib cage because “now breathing for two people” (as my mother says).

What amount of clothes to buy for the first 2 months? Well that depends more than all of you:
‚ÄĘ How much time spend away from home, if used to wear street clothes every day, or just to leave the House, if are comfortable at home in pyjamas.
‚ÄĘ The type of clothing that you use to work.
‚ÄĘ How much you are taking care of your diet; If you eat healthy and balanced, it is likely you upload little weight, or even went down a little or you keep, but your body will change in a way and you will need to use a larger size. If instead you eat junk, and not take a balanced diet, it is safest to increase 2 or maybe 3 sizes. I know friends who have uploaded more than 25 kg during pregnancy (I got 10 exactly).
Same as I advised as purchase clothing from baby, I recommend that if possible obtain items that coordinate each other, thus extending the possible combinations to have different looks and feel that we put something “different”.

What fabrics buy, and what are the significance of your choice? Here again, cotton and other natural fibers, either station that is; and especially in the garments that will directly touch the abdominal area. The skin of the belly is fragile, sensitive, stretched to capacity, will require a good diet, proper hydration and pampering and you cremate several times a day to stretch gently and mistreating the minimum (to me came out me a single, vertical streak of 2cm next to the navel, which ceased to be about 6 months). Skin pica, and much as is being stretched (not you rasques, cream, cream, all day). For this reason we do not want to unnecessarily irritate the skin of the belly with a label or rough clothing, is best fabrics possible natural and soft more.

What to buy? Depends on a little of your lifestyle, and personal tastes. I used pants a good time while working and for much of the winter; but the truth is I feel more free with dresses. I had more freedom of movement and they didn’t bother me anywhere, they not rubbing any area. We got some beige capri and a denim pencil skirt very cute and I felt beautiful with them jobs. My favorite garment was a black pants for work, (I know that it is not the most cheerful color) of aldogon with a percentage of very soft lycra with slightly flared boot. Was so comfortable that I forgot if she was dressed or not when you wore it.

Can choose the type of waist? Of this I have not talked to many friends, or I have read regarding this, frankly; so I’ll tell you my experience because I tried several things.
‚ÄĘ There are pants on the outside they have a seemingly “normal” design, but obviously with proportions according to a pregnant woman, carrying inside a elastic to each side of the waistband buttons and buttonholes. Basically you’re moving a buttonhole to another buttons until you find one with whom you feel comfortable. To my system, liked a lot looks very nice post, if you raise your arms and gets your shirt is not the typical “bag to the belly” who have others.
‚ÄĘ Others have a bag for the belly, which consists of the pants or skirt in question is trimmed in round, just below the belly, and the piece of cloth that covers the belly tends to be another softer, usually elastic tissue. There are various heights: one covering the whole belly, others arriving in half and others who only have a broadband of elastic fabric that acts as a waistband. And several fabrics: cottonlycra fine, thick, elastic and thick corrugated cottonlycra . To me personally that covered the entire stomach bothered me a bit, unless they were exactly my size (which does not last more than a couple of weeks), and cottonlycra fine; while I was big it was down throughout the day, that is uncomfortable; so that folding it in half which did not look very neat under a flannel. Then when I was accurate, I felt super comfortable garment. Passing this time began to tighten, and needed again fold it up to a height that does not molestara me. Conclusion: the easiest is when it is cottonlycra thin and covers all the belly, or a band wide, and if it is of cottonlycra corrugated goes just as well.

Do I need to know about maternity clothing sizes? Some brands use the same numbering normal clothing, namely; for example: 38, 40, 42, 44. Others used letters: S, M, L, XL. This we can serve as a vague reference, more than anything because there is much variation between one brand to another (and within it also). Some stores suggest you buy your normal size, however; still moving up in weight according to the book, I found that the same size I was in many cases. I had a dress size XS of Mit Mat Mam√°, t-shirts size S, M and L of Benetton, clothing size M of H & M, and pants size 44 and 48 c & to name a few. Just to emphasize, although it bothered a little, should try it in the same way, to ensure a good fit because the sizes usually do not correspond very well.

This is part I of as buying clothes for maternity, Part II (which will be posted tomorrow), we will look at:

Which size buy for week 9 until the 40?

Can I use belt during pregnancy?

Do I need different shoes during pregnancy?

What is the maternity bra?

I’ve done the best I could to remember all possible details and tell them my experience around the clothes during pregnancy. If you have any doubt or question, or advice that you want to add to the list, please do not hesitate to leave it as a comment.