How to Buy a Leather Coat

The leather coat is the piece that will accompany you throughout the season. Better to first build on practical criteria and amenities to find the perfect model to face the winter temperatures. Issue and style, you are not left behind. Whatever your body and your look, there’s something for everyone!

Choosing the leather coat is essential to spend a cozy winter. Because you wear it for several months, this purchase should be thoughtful and reasoned in order to find the piece you arborerez to perfection. Overview of rules for staying warm in style.

A leather coat according to my morphology

Whether you are male or female, your leather coat must be adapted to your body. And the first detail that needs attention, it is the length.

  • If you are a small size: banish the long pieces of your wardrobe.Opt instead for a three-quarter coat or short that will put your legs not crowd your figure.
  • If you are fine: you can opt for a flared shape that will accentuate the curve of your hips.
  • If you are great: you can afford all the craziness in length.The women also engage with heels to enhance the silhouette and create a “long legs” effect.
  • If you round: avoids cuts near the body and thick fabrics that will add thickness in addition to your sweaters.

A leather coat to keep warm

It is the quality of the lining that will make your leather coat your most faithful companion for cold weather. It must be hot, real fur or synthetic fleece, cotton or polyester. Inside and outside of the room, we must above all give importance to the composition of matter. Prefer wool, stuffed leather, cashmere, alpaca and mohair. Garments made from mixed wool are not provided to banish, if they are composed of 50% wool.

The more cautious will opt for a shearling associated with fur, which is a big hit this season. also prefer a collar to protect your neck from drafts. The hood is also a good choice since it will protect your head from the cold and bad weather.

Finally, check the quality of finishes: the seams, buttons and zipper.

A winter coat that looks like me

The imperative is to opt for a coat that blends into your wardrobe. Forget the original patterns and eccentricities because you wear it every day. He must agree with any outfit and above all, do not get tired over the months. In short, choose a leather coat for you!
Neutral colors, like black, gray or brown, are preferred. However, winter 2016/2017 showcases hot and strong colors such as chocolate brown, camel, rust or burgundy.

What leather coat woman choose?

Ladies, if you tend to mix genres, coats 3/4 length fit you perfectly. They agree to an androgynous style that will feminize pants with a “fire-to-floor” and high heels. If you like the look boyfriend but in a more casual perspective, opt for a bomber jacket that will add a touch to your outfit nonchalant.
The leather parka is the best choice to avoid fashion faux pas fail. Lined with or without fur on the hood, it gives a casual look, but elegant, no matter that it held. If you are really chilly, opt for a fur coat or sheepskin.

What man leather coat choose?

Gentlemen, the choice of winter coats that awaits you is just as wide with caring tips from indexdotcom.

Rather classic, leather pea coat suits every look and is suitable for all body types. If you are the authentic kind, opt for a leather bomber jacket with a fur collar. Another elegant room, the overcoat is a ¾ jacket has a removable collar or not. This type of coat is associated with a chic look and is worn with a pair of boots or shoes.
The leather parka is also the prerogative of men. Although in its original version, she stops mid-thigh, there are now all lengths. It is a chameleon clothing that will accent any outfit and protect you all winter. Other casual coat, duffle coat takes its thick wool name and dials which comes from the town of Duffel, Belgium. Medium It also adapts to all styles and adds an authentic touch to any outfit, with its big wooden buttons that are happening in closures rope or leather.
Finally, the trench coat is also a good ally to face the winter, but not for everyone. Long, it is suitable for men big fans of a chic look. To banish if you’re more of sportswear style or casual. .