How to Build Our Own Cardboard

One of the surprises of the presentation of the Google I/O yesterday was Cardboard, a piece of cardboard that allowed us to have a very similar to Oculus Rift known virtual reality device. Certainly an interesting bet of Google to make virtual reality more accessible to everyone with a relatively powerful mobile.

Therefore, it would not be good idea that this project be closed when it is mostly a support for mobile with two lenses, being the part more amount the applications that will be thanks to research with this low-cost device. At the moment it is not available to buying this set, something very interesting cheese for those who were unable to attend, but fortunately Google gives clear and concise instructions for build us our own Cardboard, Although it is recommended only for the more hands and crafts lovers.

How to build our own Cardboard

We need the following materials to build our Cardborad.

Carton: The basic structure of the gadget in question is obviously needed. We will need a sheet of cardboard that measure at least 22 x 56 cm with at least 1.5 mm thick to make it light and strong at the same time. You should find it easily in some supply stores or with any remaining a moving or a family pizza box.

Lenses: This is the hardest part of all, because they must be specific measures. The best would be a 40mm from focal and biconvex lenses to achieve the best results. In particular use Open Dive of Durovis lenses that you can buy at Amazon USA, the most expensive part and that it can bounce back many.

Neodymium magnetic disk: This will allow to interact with the device through the magnetometer devices, who will interpret the changes in the magnetic field to play ring-like. This magnetic disk and this ceramic is necessary. Also it can be replaced with copper strips.

Velcro: Two simple strips of velcro to gain access to the battery compartment to leave the phone and be able to close it securely. It should not be very difficult to achieve.

Rubber: It serves to hold the phone, nothing complicated. With a paste of at least eight centimeters should suffice.

Tag NFC (optional): It is not essential, but it will make us easier Assembly. You have to put the URL cardboard:our site so open that application to enter the telephone.

Once we have all these materials by hand, it should cut the carton as indicate in the template. Then introduce lenses as we indicated and fold the carton to have formed structure. It then would enter the phone and make it and start the Cardoard application if we have not put the NFC sticker.

It is a tedious process for many but it can be a good experiment for lovers of virtual reality-free time.