How to Arrange Lingerie in the Wardrobe to Keep the Parts

25 pieces of underwear, 10 4 Bras, shapewear, hosiery, 5 2 1 corsets and garter. Is, you can’t let this mess in one drawer. Day to day, there’s nothing more practical than to know exactly where to find lingerie that we’re looking for.

Still, it’s very easy to get lost among so many small pieces, mix a kind with each other and spend about 15 minutes a day in search of a bra that will not leave the handles evident in that dress. How’s your drawers? Come here and give a refashioned in all along with us!

How to arrange lingerie in the right way!

The first thing is to start everything from scratch. Get all your lingerie wardrobe pieces and take a good look at each one of them during the process. Has some very old, faded, with rasguinhos or stretched? Have some parts that we like so much that you think it acceptable to use even when there’s no more condition, but let go! This to your wardrobe space and time for you to renew with most beautiful parts.

The parts are getting should be divided into categories: Bras go to a corner, panties, corsets, girdles, tops or t-shirts for another and different accessories for another.

Here’s the deal: it will be much easier to find your parts if you separate them into different drawers. If you do not have enough space, reserve at least two in order to separate between knickers and larger parts in a and bras and other accessories.

With these divided parts, let us first for the underwear drawer. There are several tabs of panties around to arrange lingerie without turning that mess. With them you have a small space destined to each panties and can separate in rows or lines the panties by priority of use and type, for example:basic first row, Lacy in the second and third embroidered.

The bras are parts that need greater care in storage. Keep them always open, an overlapped each other. Especially the padded Bras should never be turned away nor pressed with objects and heavier parts. Already the Bras without bulge or aro, which can be folded, can be organized in tabs as well as the panties. If you want, you can also keep their Bras on hangers to make the organization easier.

This is the same rule: separation by order of priority or type of use. If you have preference for push ups, let them always in front. If you use more frequently swimmers, they come first. More sophisticated bras for special occasions may stay at the bottom.

Pajamas and sweaters must be separated from all that so it doesn’t turn into a mess. The final touch to arrange lingerie is leaving an essence in each drawer to scent your lingerie and make it even more exciting your use. Understand how to arrange lingerie in the right way? Then go do that now, we promise that in the end will be delicious!