How to Arrange Batteries

Think fast: when you need batteries urgently and has no available, which is the first place you look for? Accurate! On the remote control.

Batteries have always been a big problem at home. My father turns into a beast when he discovers – after 5 minutes trying to change channels-that the control was not broken, just the battery that had been loaned to another device. I don’t know if that’s reason to be brave.

Anyway, the solution was finally found and took a few minutes to be put into practice.

On a visit to a wholesale, found a box with dividers for R$2,90. At the time, I didn’t know what to do with it, I just know that if you take 3, each was R$2,19. I know, I know … the first mistake of anyone living on a shoestring budget is to buy just because it’s on sale, but look at the bright side: the little boxes have been properly used.

The first one is that you will see today: the Organizer. The box itself was beautiful, but when we start to visit PrinterHall and have 1000 ideas, everything seems to get better. To be more colorful, pasted scrapbooking paper (combining with the flowery clipboards) at the bottom of the box with white glue and was thus:

Then, it was just full of batteries. I didn’t have to label, just use two types of batteries: AA and AAA. The AA batteries, we have also the rechargeable batteries. As the box was too small to accommodate the charger, I used one of the boxes of paper that I made this post to store it.

The other rechargeable batteries are in the video game controls, so I made sure to leave a little space for those with empty load with the charger, almost as a reminder “carry me”. Inside the transparent box, only charged batteries.

It may be that in the future I need to migrate to a larger box, but, for now, looks great!