How to Apply Wallpaper And Adhesive Fabric? SEE the Video

Architect explains the differences between the products that embellish the walls

The search for new trends to decorate the house is common in the world of architects and interior designers. In recent years the wallpaper has become a different option to change the face of the painting. And recently, the adhesive fabrics also hit the market to give a special touch to the environments.

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But after all, what is best to use: wallpaper or adhesive fabric? Each has its characteristic, but both are practical, economical and versatile. In addition, they bring a unique beauty and sophistication.

One clear difference between the two is that the application of the wallpaper is more complicated with respect to the adhesive fabric. Papers generally occupy larger areas of a surface, while the adhesive fabric fits the decoration as if it were a”frame.”

The ZAP invited the architect Ursula Brinker to show the differences between the two products in an apartment. The adhesive fabrics were made available by Panoah Fabrics and applied in a baby room that was under renovation. Already the wallpaper was applied in another room and in the TV room.

Adhesive Fabric –  According to  prozipcodes, the amount of materials to make the application is few and does not require much work.”For application of the product we only need the fabric, which is self-adhesive, a stylus and a spatula,” Ursula says.

But what if you do not have a spatula? No problem, you can do the bonding with the aid of a card or with the same hand, as the architect shows in the video below.

Fabrics can be found in various colors and patterns. They are made of synthetic leather, cotton, jeans, cheetah, satin, among other types of fabric. Another plus point is that they can be glued to any smooth surface such as glass, wood, cardboard, plastic, rubber and wall.

For cleaning, it is simple and easy. Just use a damp cloth and mild soap.

Wallpaper – Applying the wallpaper requires a lot of care to prevent it from being torn. You can do it yourself, but the ideal is if you hire a qualified professional for the service.

In addition, the amount of material required is much higher. It is necessary to use glue, spatula, stylet, scissors, brush, pencil, flannel, brush, flat spatula and tape. Other than that, you have to match the designs correctly so that they are well aligned on the wall.

An important step for application is to leave the wall completely smooth, free of holes, moisture and paint splashes. Latex and dough are the ideal bases for the application of the wallpaper. One tip to eliminate the imperfections is to sandpaper before making the bases.

Following the initial procedures, the next step is to measure the height and width of the wall, calculate how many bands will be used in the width, and cut out the papers about 20 centimeters more than the height.

Finally the glue should be spread through the paper and applied from top to bottom.

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