How to Adjust a Swatch Watch

Swatch is a brand of Swiss watches that had its boom in the world market, in the years 80-90, with a very aggressive marketing strategy and with affordable prices for a quality timepiece manufactured in Switzerland, country with a great tradition in this field.
With this guide we learn to adjust time, date and day on our Swatch watches. The guide is valid for all the watches collection Rebel, but also on nearly all the Sport Watches. In the few steps we learn to set our clocks. The Guide does not include steps to adjust chronographs.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Swatch Watch

First step: all Swatch watches have a system that locks the Localtimezone, located on the right side of the clock, to prevent it from inadvertently change. To unlock, simply Rotate counterclockwise the wheel itself, and with the tip of the nail pull it outwards by one click. There are 2 different levels, depending on what you want to change (date or time). Tugging on the steering wheel to the right, try to be careful because the distance between the first and the second shot is really minimal.

We set the date with the first shot we can decide to set the date and day of the week just twirling in clockwise or counterclockwise. To adjust the days of the week (written in English) roteiamo the wheel clockwise, while to adjust the month number, turn the wheel anticlockwise. Some Chronographs Swatch, always in the same shot, you can also adjust the year.

We set the timetable: with second shot we can finally set the time by simply turning the wheel clockwise or antioratio, just like the time. To adjust the time we turn our wheel clockwise or anticlockwise. Once this is done, we just have to turn the wheel back to the initial position, and we should see the second hand will start to move. If not probably the problem lies in the watch battery that may have run out.
Note: you cannot act on second hand seconds in the Swatch with just one wheel.
NOTE 2: now that we have changed the time and date, the only change we can make is to increase the brightness of the hour-minutes: simply place the watch under a light source for a while to increase the brightness of the same in the dark.