How the Light Influences the Choice of Your Bike!

Many have doubts when choosing the most appropriate set of lights for your bike, after all what do you prioritize? What is the ideal power? How do you understand the descriptions of headlights that look like packs of medicines full of strange terms? To have the most accurate information, since there is no standard standard, it is important to better understand the ways of measuring light intensities.

Therefore, we selected some concepts provided by BBB, to help you when choosing the best headlight for your “skinny” and for the purpose that you intend to practice!

– Candela: is the unit of light intensity. This value indicates the amount of light emitted in a particular direction of the beam. The value reported for Candela is measured at the center of the light beam, as shown in the image above.

– Lumen: is the total luminous flux value and refers to the total amount of light emitted by the lamp (in all directions).

–  Lux: The amount of light (lumens) in a certain area. Thus, Lux is the most indicative unit. For example, if you have a 1000 lumens source, spread over 1m², this square meter is illuminated with 1000 lux. When the same 1000 lumens spread over 10m², the same light source illuminates one square meter with only 100lux.

However, when comparing Lux values ​​for different sets of lights, it is important to know how far from the light source the measurement was made. The higher the distance to the source, the lower the Lux value.

Once you understand these concepts, you will have more choice when it comes to pairing your bike’s headlights with the pedal category you practice. If your preference is to pedal at night, they are worth the higher values ​​of luminosity, if pedaling is part of your day to day, the values ​​can be smaller.