How Soon Can Pregnancy Test Done

I hope you don’t mind in respect of informal tone of expression. So … I don’t know where to start. First, to tell you about myself-I am 23 years old, in June this year I graduated, I got a master in a nice specialty, though not my specialty, but it’s true.

I am married for almost a year. I think I’m ready for a baby. In this connection, I will say that I have 4 years of service in a nice position. So 2 months ago fight for baby and something is not working. Before you start trying we travel here and there, to make research-if everything is OK, if there is any problem, etc. and we received the green light-excellent spermograma (58 million sperm, 80% of which with good mobility), lovely PAP, perfect, accurate cycle microbiology as a Swiss Watch, and so on.

So, I took her from the Pharmacy and I tests for ovulation, even the next day I tried them to see if I’m good at that part and Oh miracle-two traits, eyes-Donuts, heart-Mare in full gallop.

She’s sweet to work, having previously warned me that you were coming to do another test, we don’t want to Miss sak″n âjčiceto. I was terribly excited and impatient, alas all preparation for nothing turned out to be, but I am optimistic person.

So again next month. For this I can’t say yet, will share in about a week, but after all the negative tests I think you paint her with felt tip the second line.

I read a lot of stuff on the net for ovulacii, implants and everything as v″zproizvoditelniâ de affects process in humans (and in particular in animals).And so if I’m correct, you know sex is made on the day of ovulation and I run to the bathroom right away, what about lying, possibly with raised legs (OK, I did this), after ovulation the sex is porazrežda through the day (Hey, he missed it after ovu-it).

And the interesting thing now, which I think I’ve got it-the egg can be fertilized for one hour, and for 3 days, then 3-4 (e) us moves on to the uterus, between 7-10 day ends the process of attachment to the wall of the uterus and then begins to produce HCG-it (right? or begins to be produced after fertilization?).

In that spirit, wearing maternity trousers, I didn’t realize how soon can a pregnancy test be done-14 days after sex or after implantation, which under the very happy women takes place even earlier than the 7th day (understand me I’m so impatient hands itch to go to test the last test, even though I know what’s going to show).

Please don’t send me a blood test, because these devices that shoot up seem like choppers, my heart makes 200, and the last time I točiha erythrocytes for research, even cried.

I know that much has been written on the subject in various forums, but usually turn into chat, argue with each other where the delusion lives and how far from the truth, and I don’t have that patience to read till the end. And the last to ask-is it obligatory to have implantation bleeding, spotting or anything like that?