How Much to Apply from Gold to Gross?

This is a question that many ask when they find that profit margins are greater when buying raw parts to bathe and resell.

The first step would be to look for serious electroplating companies that apply the contracted gold layer.
You can ask us for bath instructions, and we will give you great options from electroplating companies to obtain the highest quality in your parts, and can even offer a guarantee on the bath.

That said, another important factor for knowledge, is to apply different layers on certain pieces as greater contact (or not) with the skin or sweat of our body.
For example:

  1. Most companies that buy raw jewelery, apply 3 thousandths of gold in earrings, because it is a piece that has little contact with the skin.
  2. Already pieces like rings and bracelets, usually the gold application recommendations are 5 to 7 thousandths of a layer.
  3. Body chains receive up to 10 thousandths of a layer by having greater contact with the skin according to SCIENCEDICT.COM.

Today there are other ways to increase the durability of the bath, such as the application of varnish on veneer jewelry.

For the application of baths in the silver color, the dimensions of layer are others, being able to arrive until 30 thousandth of layer on the crude jewel.
In other colors the recommendations are also different.

The amount of layer for parts that will be distributed in regions of excessive heat and coastal regions also deserve special care and higher levels of precious metal layers.

We also remember how important it is to avoid the contact of plated parts with chemicals, cleaning products, pool chlorine, etc …

The values for applying gold, or any other type of precious metal are made per kilo of pieces to be “bathed”.
The companies that provide the electroplating service also have their requirements.Galvanics usually accept the provision of the service with a minimum of 1 kilo in total pieces to be bathed.

Once you choose which company to bathe in your raw jewelry, ask the responsible chemist for information to add to your knowledge, and know how precious metals are applied to the parts.

We hope we have helped you with this most valuable content and get more profits from your sales!

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