How Long Can a Shirt Be

So long, the shirt be

The shirt is one of the most difficult to get into a garment to fit on that works for all. It’s rare for a particularly stretchy material, making it more difficult to fit different body types. Some have long arms and other shorter. Some have wide waist and others are slimmer. Some have a long torso and other shorter. It is therefore impossible to a size of shirt, perfect for anyone with as many pattern elements that shirt actually.

The most important fit to nail is after all the length of the shirt. It is also the easiest fit to fix if you have some talent at the sewing machine.
To get to the correct length of the shirt you have down is almost never a problem, but how long will the shirt be if you have it on the outside of the pants? We have guidelines for you to go after!

Measuring with the fly

No matter what body type you have is fly a perfect yardstick to go after! End of the shirt should be from the middle of his fly and go no further down than where his fly ends.Does it end up higher than the center of the fly is too short and it is easy to look for small print. It shall not be longer than the gylfens end.
You can also start from the front pockets of his pants. Then the shirt a few centimeters below where the framfickan Bistro begins and you reach the same result as if you measure with the help of his fly. Visit for a vintage style for women.

In some cases, it may work to even start from the sleeves of the shirt to get the correct length. End of the shirt, then go a little above or in line with where the length of the sleeve ends. This way works though not for everyone because the length of the sleeve is something that differs a lot from person to person.

Don’t forget the batch

How long a shirt should be not only applies to the front, even if it is the first we see in the mirror. The back is just as important! Here you can take the back pockets to help and follow the same tips with his fly on the front. The shirt will be no earlier than the end in the middle of the back pocket and up to go down to where the back pocket ends. This assumes that you do not have the world’s plunging hang on his pants, but we ask to the gods that you don’t have with a shirt.