How Do of Today a Great Day (Although Be The Monday More Sad of The Year)

He says a mathematical formula that is now Blue Monday, saddest day of the year. The variables used are clear: enough time has passed since the Christmas holidays to the good intentions they have been forgotten, memories of “polvorones” have been strong in the load bearing and not be a euro account. Well, and that is Monday, It’s a cold dying and is a world and a half for the next holiday period.

Well, let’s face it. Is Blue Monday. The worst day of the year. Wake up, growled, quick shower, breakfast overheated and jam. And more grunts. Seriously? There’s none option B? Yes, yes it is there it. There is the option of giving a kick in the ass to Blue Monday and make it the best day of the year. Come up with a few tips to get it:

Premiere of that skirt. Yes, that any crazy you put to work.

The alarm clock has no solution. If it had happened yesterday, we could have made a couple of good intentions which included get up with more time, but I am afraid that, even so, of alarm clock would remain without solution. The alarm clocks are evil. So let’s consider the day starts at the place where usually begin all the great things: in front of the wardrobe.

Today is not the day for that dull pair of pants you wear four of every five working days. Do you remember that cute skirt what you bought at a puntazo when in reality you’ve entered to buy Christmas gifts? Maybe today is the day to release it. Already, already, we already know that it is too chic and you can think your classmates that you come from refastening of party. It may that it ends with a manchurron of toner. You had it booked mentally for a special occasion. Not bad: today is the special occasion.

Ah! And you don’t come down to half of the outfit. That skirt requires taconazo. You are warned.

The journey becomes a moment of leisure.

Eight jam seems the ideal time to make the Blue Monday to become a reality, so it is redouble efforts. If you got to live it stuck in a car, turn off that station which repeated endlessly that the country is going to hell. Andreu in the glove box the CD that always puts you in a good mood. Write down mentally to create a playlist on the phone with songs by rush. And turn up the volume.

If you got to go by public transport, better still. Take that novel you are charming, but that never find time to finish. Get into the story. Crying if the protagonist dies or laugh out loud if the occasion calls for it. That you do not import If your carriage mates think you’re pirada. If people start to look at you with suspicions of mental illness, is that you are doing well.

It reframes your purposes for the new year and stop procrastinating.

On 31 December, between champagne and grapes, you came up with the good intentions. Return to the gym, stop smoking, restrict carbohydrates, regain contact with the right people, meet the weekly planning of chores, going to the cinema every Sunday and sign up for English classes. It is January 18 and you’ve failed or one. Well, sorry, yes you’ve pointed to the gym and to English, but you’ve already missed more classes that you’ve gone.

Give them a turn your purposes. Little by little. Decide what are the really important ones. You’ve perhaps not regained contact with old friends because they were always a little morons and it is people who are now in your life that you really filled. Perhaps you haven’t been any Sunday to cinema because what you really like to do is see telefilms arrebujada in a blanket; and There is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps you haven’t been to the gym because you know that you hate it. Buy ideal running sneakers and go out for a run. Without more, without planning it, without pressure you. Do you want to quit? Do it now. You do not unduly agendandolo for a specific day.

We are a specialist in pressing us generation, and each new year’s resolutions are the clearest proof. Remember things that make you happy and propose to them every day. Do not make them an endless list of ToDo’s which comply to the start of the year or the return of the summer. If you really have a purpose, There is only one perfect day get with it: today.

Indulge culinary.

Today is not a day for the packed sandwich in the office machine. Do not say the experts who Hydration is very important? Because we are going to carbohidratarnos. A plate of tagliatelle with pesto’s Italian corner not going to kill. Neither the brownie with vanilla ice cream that you never allow during the week. A day is a day and today is our particular Pink Monday, Thus we have an excuse.

Call your best friend and take a gin and tonic with it.

By far Plan of attack to the Blue Monday We are carrying out, there is great potential for that day in the office has been a disgusting. Steal a few minutes to your workday to send a whatsapp to your best friend and make you a harassment and demolition until it accepts a plan during the week. Is it that after-work so ideal that it tends to be full of suits good guys. Give a joy to the eye is not at odds with the marital status.

Ask a few Gin and tonics without considering I too drink Monday coup is not politically correct. You do not have decided that everything improves with Geneva, that was already so until you quedarais. Leave your friend to tell you the disaster that ended his appointment on Saturday with that guy that seemed so normal in Tinder. Tell you that you feel vacaburra because the brownie of the lunch is all-out fighting skirt button. And reios. Out loud. It hurts you gut aches the next day.

It ends the day at the top.

When you arrive home, do not let down the guard. Blue Monday may appear at any time, so you better not let it enter.

Remove makeup you well. Nothing of busting a quick wipe while zapping. Uses all those products that you gave in your last birthday and those who only use das Saturdays that you propose a ritual beauty home.

Do not turn on the laptop and turn off the mobile. Don’t give up the temptation to check work email if you answered that important client. Already do so tomorrow in the office. Or spend two hours alternating between Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, with a background in TV program. Already do so tomorrow in the office (don’t be fooled, all we do it).

Date a shower or, if you’re one of those lucky people with bath, a bath of American movie -that is, with candles, relaxing music and much foam-. Make juice in a blender with those fruits that are falling you beans and take it to the bathtub. If the Gin and tonics were not too many, substitutes the juice by a glass of wine and explain to yourself that is grape juice.

Ponte a sexy pajamas and, if you have a pair, get goofy with it. If you don’t have it, you know in what drawer of the bedside table guards to the replacement battery. Get into bed and enjoy. You’ll sleep like a baby.

Very bad may have had to do so if, following these tips, Blue Monday has not become in one of the best days of the year. If you’ve been with the Gin tonics, can that you’ve passed the Blue Monday but you live a tremendous Black Tuesday. If this is the case, you know: ibuprofen and patience.

But, if you’ve really got to go to bed with a smile from ear to ear… Why not repeat it every day? Whether Blue Monday or not, is still in our hands convert each day in a perfect day.