Hottest Swimwear Trends for Summer

Are you a fan of the cult That 70’s Show, or just of the seventies? We have found for you the perfect swimwear for this summer. The headband on the naked back through the bikini, find the one you need to be the sexiest fan are 70 years!

Summer is almost here and the test of the swimsuit arrived! If as the characters of the very cult That 70’s Show you are a fan of the 1970s, this selection of swimwear is made for you!

  • As in That 70’s Show, sexy fan of the seventies

A sexy swimsuit and trend in seventies style, it’s possible!

First of all, That 70’s Show look translates not grounds funs and colorful. Tasks of color, tigres print or even flowers, all is good!

Cup essential swimsuit of the seventies, is mainly the headband!

And for those who want to be super sexy as a fan of the 1970s, the Halter is a perfect accessory. Very neckline, a bit transparent and always colorful patterns, is one of the hits of the summer!

To be even more irresistible, dare the ruffles, the fringes and the original cuts.

Last pipes, the veil of cotton is very light and comfortable to wear.

  • What swimsuit is right for me?

To highlight this summer on the beach, attention to choose your swimsuit, according to your morphology.

It is no longer a secret, the band showcases the small breasts. And for those who have large breasts, choose instead an underwire bikini or a bare back neckline.

If certain parts of your body you bother as the hips or belly, highlight the neckline to show off the chest.

In conclusion, the seventies of That 70’s Show look, it’s a mixture of materials, colors and patterns. Plus you’ll be original and more you will attract attention!