Honor Comes 7 Premium at The Request Of The Fans

The honor of 7 was a terrific Smartphone with an unbeatable value for money. The fans have wished for this year but a new edition of the honor of 7. The manufacturer comes the desire for and announced the so-called honor 7 Premium.

At the product launch of honor 5 X honors senior seemed to move product manager Thorsten Doehlert almost from the stage, as he remembered something else (a bit reminiscent of Steve Jobs “one more thing”). The honor 7 will be republished this year because the fans have had wanted it.

Comparison between honor 7 and Huawei Mate S

Slight improvements – release in March?

There is lots of information unfortunately yet, but we already know that there will be no earth-shattering changes. So, the successor instead of 16 gigabytes internal memory is increased to 32 gigabytes. In addition, the honor will have a quick charge function 7 Premium. Zhao Gang (head of overseas business), such as important honor stressed that customers and fans are on the 5X-Event. The number of sold units amounted to 40 million units in the year 2015. Thus, the company has doubled its sales quota by 2014. The honor will be available in gold and gray in Germany from March 7 Premium. Still, honor does not give a price.

You read all about the budget-friendly 7 honor in our post. What do you think about the statement: “our customers and fans are important to us”? This is merely a marketing strategy, or actually ceases his fans honor?