Holiday Party Bags

Bags of party 2016. In choosing party 2016 bag must take into account two fundamental points: time is the feast and as goes dressed. The bag is a fundamental complement to the feminine garment and at the same time gives great elegance to the look.

Mainly bag must perfectly match the dress or suit that you have put. If you are using a beautiful color Dress nude or black, will probably choose a bag stamped, or strong color that way will combine perfectly with your neutral color dress.

If instead you use a patterned dress, it is best that you combine it with a beautiful smooth bag. Color silver and gold, bags are great to combine with any kind of gala dresses.

2016 holiday bag must be according to the time of the event, if the event is held in the evening, must use a bag type jewel containing a decoration with different stones, or also a bag that is metallic material. You can also choose for a bag decorated with sequins or with one that is shiny fabric for the evening. Discrete materials and with less glare, bags are great for parties that take place in the day.

Tips when it comes to show off a party bag

If you don’t know as look a party bag and either combine it, don’t worry. Then leave five important tips, which will help you to wear a bag with much elegance.

  1. It is not very smart to carry a bag that has straps to parties, it is better to opt for a handbag. This type of bag is easy to carry and does not weigh much. But, always choose one that combines with the color of your dress or party dress.
  2. Fashion 2016 many specialists recommend that the bag must go to game with footwear. Do this is elegant and at the same time to further highlight your figure. If you don’t like doing this, you can use a bag and shoes which are different but that contrast each other.
  3. Never make the mistake of carrying many things in your bag, only try to keep the indispensable. As for example; Some make-up, a little money, ID, etc. If you take many things in your bag you will be bloated and cannot be anything elegant, so it is best that you carry only the essentials and basics.
  4. If this guest at an Ibizan wedding use a bag that is informal material. For example; You can opt for a bag of raffia. For other types of events it is best to use bags of more sophisticated materials, e.g. metal, hawksbill, sequins or jewel type bags. Remember, choose a bag in a function at the time of the party.


  1. If you don’t like to carry a handbag, opt for one with chain and short handle. But, never try to convey a sense of discomfort, because this will ruin your look. So, it is best that you opt for a bag that you feel comfortable and that will be comfortable to wear.