Hoka Running Shoes Reviews

This article answers a question from Lionel who hesitates between 2 Hoka running shoes. You will find fact sheets, photos and comments.

Regularly, through this blog, we receive many questions on sports nutrition, training or equipment. We often respond by mail, and if this benefits obviously to a person, we are a little frustrated that it does not benefit the largest number. So we decided to create a topic Q & a, questions / answers.

Hoka running shoes: the problem


I hesitate between 2 models 4 Bondi and the ATR Challenger at Hoka to do “road and railways”, which Hoka running shoes would be best for me?

I call paths, terrain varied undergrowth, stabilized roads, I’m looking for above all a chaussure versatile go anywhere, a semi for the distance more often 15 kms and a few races at the end of year.

Thank you



Hoka running shoes: duels

In this duel between rival sisters, we start with the Bondi model.

Hoka Bondi 4 running shoes

Foot type: universal
Use: Training/Competition
Surface: Road/path
Rider weight: total weight
The shoe weight: 300 grams
Drop: 5 mm

We are already at the 4th series of this model. Pffff, time flies!

It is curved to 10°, in order to promote a unrolled fluid of your foot during your sessions running.

The outsole has been reinforced with durable rubber for better resistance to abrasion.
It’s often a black dot coming back at critics of the brand: the outsole of shoes running Hoka wears faster than on other brands shoes.

The Active soccer Frame technology comes on the geometry of the midsole. It allows the foot to sink deeply into the midsole.

This midsole has also the Meta-Rocker technology specifically designed with a low heel-toes differential.

These Hoka Bondi 4 running shoes are sold 140 euros on average.

They exist in several different colours: 2 in blue and two others in a gray tone.

You will find our test Hoka Bondi 4 running shoes on Itypejob.

My opinion: it is a flagship brand Hoka model, and which contributes to its success. Excellent cushioning and good support are its strong points. It is certain that the distance will lie, furthermore they will be effective: semi or marathon.

Hoka Challenger ATR running shoes

Foot type: universal
Use: Training/Competition
Surface: Trail
Rider weight: total weight
Weight of the shoe: 243 grams
Drop: 5 mm

Unlike the Hoka Bondi 4 running shoes, it is the first version for this model Challenger ATR.

The outsole is equipped with a flat surface for improved stability on uneven ground.

You will find the Meta-Rocker technology.

Achieved seamless, it offers absolute comfort by avoiding friction and the risk of irritation.

You will find our test Hoka Challenger ATR running shoes on this site.

They are sold 120 euros on average and several colors are available.

My opinion: Lionel searching for roads and paths, these running Hoka Challenger ATR shoes shoes go with a handicap: they are cut for the trail.

Hoka Clifton 3 running shoes

Foot type: universal
Use: Training/Competition
Surface: road
Rider weight: total weight
The shoe weight: 235 grams
Drop: 5 mm

The match cannot really take place between the two previous models, I decided to introduce a third.

It’s true that I come back often, because this has been my favorite. It’s the Hoka Clifton running shoes.
You will find my test Hoka Clifton this site.

They have an curved outsole Meta-Rocker and also an Oversize foam EVA midsole.

For your comfort and hygiene, you’ll have an sole internal Ortholite.

These Hoka Clifton 2 running shoes are sold at an average price of euros 120.
My opinion: this is a real challenger to the Hoka Bondi 4 running shoes (by the way, you can admire my attempted pun lol). Lighter and more dynamic, its another highlight is of course the cushioning it provides.

I think that these shoes running Hoka Clifton 2 will be a little more versatile for those looking for a shoe across the pallets of training and competitions: VMA, threshold, endurance…
Field, on the other hand side if stabilized paths do not fear, the Woods according to climatic conditions and therefore according to land, will ask more problem.

Hoka running shoes: my conclusion

In conclusion, if we prefer to focus on l’sversatility for the workouts, I’d go more on the Clifton.
And if you prefer to focus on versatility depending on the terrain, I’d go to the Bondi 4 which has a slightly wider palette.

As the Hoka Challenger ATR running shoes, they are offside because they are scheduled for trail use.

Hoka running shoes: where to find them?

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