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The wallet is a little in the world of bags, the universal format, ancestral, bag for all-trades. But what may seem pejorative quickly erased when you see what the creators are a simple line-out. That is the talent! We present on this page a little lookbook of the most interesting and unusual wallets models, those which, in any case, most often collected the votes of our customers. Please note, however, many of these models will not be more available at the time of reading; a link will take you, or not, to the shop. They will gradually be our most beautiful pages of archives as a tribute to those who created them and fun for all lovers of women bags. You do not know the brands that we present? Take a look HERE.

Woman wallet mind Bag Summer / Diva: Finesse and purifies

The woman wallets can have different aspects in design, it is the interest of current creation. For this model, the brand has chosen a very contemporary approach playing on finesse and amplitude of the format on the pitch. A choice that is not due to chance because this bag can be worn as a backpack, offering an interesting versatility and not so common that will surely be appreciated in certain situations ….

The wallet leather Priscilla Gray / Diva : your side & bohemian rock!

Because we have not always want to be wise, our mood often rubs off on the choice of accessories that you wear. This shoulder bag clearly displays the color rebellious cities with its wrinkled appearance and studded leather when you take a fancy to a hippie-chic look, to spice up an outfit a little cushy, for example! The offset always works …

Flap pocket 7056 : Simply beautiful!

This mini wallet Women’s leather gray nubuck with shoulder strap is a good example of what can be achieved as style and quality in a small bag when you take the trouble; the blueprint of the line and the beautiful proportions combine with a careful hand-crafted to offer this elegant but discreet pouch to be top for all parties, reception and small trips into town. In addition, it is the Made in France!

Messenger bag woman recycled leather jacket “Ohl’impulsif” black Olympus :

One of these little wonders whose Parisian designer Laure Hervieu offers us regularly. This bag there is an original by its unstructured line, the beautiful Italian leather recycled flexibility and malicious design “ball bag” opening in the middle by a large zip, all very light for a good sized bag. As always with Olympus, silk lined interior, strap for keys, bags and leather parts numbered to remember that each piece is unique. This one, you do not come across often because it is produced in very small quantities. Not made in France (the price would be twice) but very craft!

The wallet Oh unpredictable Olympus gray leather: Style is a signature!

The Olympus brand and creative stylist Laure Hervieu offers bags for women whose originality lies as much in the lines in materials, leather and silk recycled. Worn over the shoulder or shoulder, it’s perfect for the city, contains all the usual effects and even a notebook or a tablet. The opening is secure and ergonomic, the interior is very neat with its lining recycled silk scarf, his leather phone case and small pockets. Made from a leather jacket, he keeps some vestiges of its origin gives it a particular style. The offbeat charm of the designer bag.

Java wallet leather woman Vintage by Charles & Charlus.

Here in a beautiful gray color and bull calf leather, it also exists in other colors and nubuck leather. Cleverly shoulder that turns into double handle sliding, large pocket and inside pocket in the same leather and color. Made in France.

The messenger bag ”  flat Rabat  » Leather & Earth: Retro but not too …

A lightweight shoulder bag and end with a handy A4 format for Notebook and other documents, in addition to the usual effects.inside pocket, adjustable leather strap, magnetic flap closure. Made in France.

leather satchel bag “Fisherbag” Leather and Earth: The classic vintage.

As a fishing bag reissue line. soft calf leather with very fine effect, leather straps, shoulder woven cotton, patch pockets, manufacturing is neat and spacious format. In town, on vacation, a vintage bag. Made by lawfaqs.

Bag lady Maria Charles & Charlus: Large elegant and refined pocket.

The very pure line, beautifully understated style and grained leather bull make this model a rare example of elegant simplicity and genuine leather in the current. Of course, there are other colors for this bag, such as black, gold (light brown), pumpkin or chestnut taupe or nubuck leather.