Hippie Chic, Vintage and the Yolan Cris Dresses

For noodles interested in giving a vintage touch to your wedding look, YolanCris brings dresses with this footprint.

Check out the models here!

I know we’ve been talking about vintage style lately. But it is important to know that nothing in fashion is by chance. Stylists and other trend-setting professionals know exactly what people will want to wear and how. No wonder that the little novel is one of the 30’s. Everything is planned so that people can paquere things with the same aesthetic according to pinckarddress.

That’s exactly why you’re there, setting up an outdoor wedding with period touches, a little something here from the 30’s, another from the 60’s, to make it all romantic.Thinking about these notions that YolanCris, who already loves the pieces with airs of innocence and last century, has launched its 2014 collection.

An example of this is the beautiful model below. The appliqués in lace bring the innocence of the model inspired in the 50’s. Even the make-up of the model accompanies the language.In fact, there is a look to be “copied”:hair, makeup and dress make up a romantic look and … vintage!

As we speak of hippie-chic above, here is a model inspired by the concept. It also carries a touch of past times, the romanticism of lace and the accessories that the bride wear show the stripping. Perfect for those who want to get married on the beach or in the countryside.

And as such a vintage does not only refer to a specific time, but to everything that has passed between the 1920s and 1960s, YolanCris has thought of notions that want to be modern within the theme in a dress inspired by the 1960s, Daring and come out well armed, as in the golden years.

The reads made by the directors Yolanda and Cristina do not stop there! In the new collection, you find 1940s movie diva pieces, princess models and mermaid tails. Come in and check them out!