High-Waisted Shorts

Hello, today we will talk about the model of high-waisted shorts, trend, spent time gone and now it’s back.

There are several models and tissues but at the time of the choice of high-waisted shorts the rules are the same. Always take into consideration the size of your torso and your legs so that you choose the model that best fits your body. Short girls should prefer models with low waist high thing thus avoiding an effect that reduces the silhouette. Women with large breasts should heed the same thing, looking for shorts that do not exceed the line as the waist begins to tune, avoiding likewise appear a small trunk.

The second point to be noted is the length of the shorts. The short high waist is usually short as it seeks to balance the top of shorts that is longer, with the lower shorter, thus lengthens the legs but be careful not to choose a model too short that shows more than their fair share. On informal occasions has no problem using a short shorts, but if your intent is a more elegant model, choose a length greater, when in doubt use the fingertips, with the arms stretched his fingers do not exceed the shorts are fine.

Find a trim that is ideal for your body type, anything tight or scoring too much. It’s not a problem. Many girls prefer more folgadinhos models, also no problem. There is still the option to adjust for a better fit on your body.

The fabric and the color of the high-waisted shorts will be according to the result you want to get with the look. For more sophisticated looks you can opt for neutral colors and fabrics such as leather or lace details. For a simpler look, bet on stronger colors and prints.

High-waisted shorts, how to use?

It’s time to compose your look, then you wonder what to choose. Well, again the answer is it depends.

In first when you use the high-waisted shorts, the main intention is to elongate the silhouette and refine your waist so you should use the shirt inside the shorts.

For a more casual look you can bet on t-shirts and tank tops, notice if she is uniformly inside the shorts. If you want to be a little more daring, use a cropped blouse, leaving the belly shows. You can also use tops with details on income for example, to give a more feminine.

For more sophisticated looks, try social shirts with or without details. Can be a neutral color to a more sober look or a pattern for a vintage air.

In choosing the shoes there are several options. The first can be used on hot days or during the day, can be the creeping sandal or shoe. Give the look a little more casual, if you consider that your look is very simple, a good idea would be a shoe with more details.

If your choice was a sleek look, you should opt for a high-heeled shoe. The tip is the same as the previous, harmonize the shoe with the rest of the look, if your shirt has details, prefer a neutral shoe. The pumps and peep-toe are good options.

Other combinations are still possible. On cold days you can combine with a blazer or cardigan giving an even more elegant air to look. To define well the waist, bet on a thin belt of preference, so you maintain the appearance of thinning. And finally, you can also use to go to the pool or beach, as water outlet.

Don’t forget that harmonize all parts is very important and that it will give the end result to look.