High Heels and Bag a Perfect Double

One of the most common combinations and practice in the life of any woman’s heels with bag. Present in most contemporary looks, footwear and accessory has a huge variety of options for any situation and any station, follow the best way to combine them.

The best ways to combine jump and go according to your height, the occasion on which they will be used, and your preferences. Yes, nothing thinking emtendências, tips and templates if they don’t match with your favourite colours and fabrics, plus any other relevant details. But if you still have questions of what the best combination of high heels and handbag, we offer some tips to open your imagination to new and bold ideas. For the scholarship options cited throughout the article, see our special section for women’s handbags on our website.

One of the advantages of handbags and high heels is that they can be used in any situation, combining the occasion with your personal style. The most common use of both is the small bag long handle with open sandal, ideal for parties and occasions more deprived, or of warmer climate. As a suggestion, we can include leather purses Elise, Nina and Lucy.

The Clutch bags also fit this category of small grants, although the lack of strap can be a weight differential. The model Liza, compact and graceful, is perfect especially for occasions of outdoor party, as the Carnival, for example.

Another very good combination are the mailman bag models with sandals both closed as open. Depending on the shoe, they might apply both in more formal occasions as more relaxed. For these situations, Nina, Nancy, Jennie and Rennie Jr. are the best indications: while Nancy and Jennie are most suitable for environments more Orthodox, and Rennie, Jr. and Nina if given more informal environments.

And don’t think we forgot the big bags! Despite the intimidating size stylish look, they do not cease to have your charm. And in the case of the heel, the best companion to the large handbags are the clogs, do follow the same proportion of size without losing the beauty. The models Cindy, Mary and Squares are excellent to combine with clogs.

High heels and purses do not match perfectly if not come accompanied by a good costume. The clothes help a lot to highlight the footwear and accessory, and vice versa, when well aligned. And for each of the examples I gave above, there are some interesting outputs to complement with a look amazing.

For those who use small bags with high heels and enjoy the most hottest stations, short dresses, knee length, or short skirts (just above the knee, without exaggerations) with printed blouses, are the best to match the footwear and accessory , since both keep the summer climate and still leave. Warm colors or lighter shades help a lot to keep this veranil climate.

In the case of scholarships Mailman, more common in formal situations or involving business, ideally they come accompanied by an Executive attire accordingly. Social clothing dresses, shirts, jackets, among others, fall well with mailman and handbags heels closing, leaving the elegant, traditional look, which is important to assign a good image to your profession.

And oddly enough, the large grants are those that combine more easily with any type of clothing.

Regarding the use of the heel itself, avoid exaggerations: Tips too high, or too thin, in addition to uncomfortable depending on the occasion, can bring serious long-term health damage, such as problems in the spine and feet. Don’t look for just the model that you think is the most beautiful, but that is comfortable and perfect for you.

Finally, their peculiarities will determine the best combinations, choose wisely.