Hid Interior Lights

Concealed lighting

Artificial lighting in the home is essential and is something that should not be disregarded at design and renovation of a local. The entire House must be able to rely on alternative and complementary sources of natural sunlight.

When we talk about lights for home, we don’t mean just lamps, which may be suspended on the ground, stand or table. To brighten the House contribute even less visible sources, which are not a piece of furniture, but similarly offer light that may stem from the ceiling as well as the walls.

These lights, discrete but powerful, often long-lasting, energy-saving LEDs and adjustable, foldaway lights. Named to death because until they are driven and turned on, you can hardly even see at first glance.

Retractable lights often are spotlights, recessed lights, which are located in the ceiling or in a false ceiling of plasterboard for example or even go to create designs and patterns being arranged on the walls of a room or a hallway, illuminating with atmosphere.

Often one can see ceilings of the halls covered in mini lights that create the effect of a starry sky that radiates the light from top to bottom with delicacy and creating atmosphere.

But the retractable lights can also be appliques, unlike spotlights that nearly disappear, with very nice design, attractive and useful. These are often taken into account in different rooms of the House or the bedrooms, the living room or dining room.

Lamps concealed plasterboard

As mentioned earlier, increasingly resorted to the use of Recessed spotlights, concealed plasterboard. In fact, several and frequent interventions in housing, especially the older ones, characterized by large heights of walls up to the ceiling, their very purpose to create false ceilings to reduce the height of the enclosure and optimize different aspects.

The lowering of the ceiling means a savings in cost to heat the premises with the heat that often would disperse. Ditto for the lights, which should be adapted to the renovated spaces.

The intervention of the bricklayer, who with plasterboard can redesign of volumes by splitting the environments, must also be complemented by a study and a particular attention to the collection of lights on the ceiling or on the new partitions.

Recessed spotlights are most common and functional solution, useful to illuminate by directing the beam on strategic locations serving switch.

If adjustable spotlights often serve just as a sort of spot that goes to illuminate specific areas of the room, but not the total, even objects, like a painting, a piece of furniture, or the input itself.

Some interesting proposals are signed Buzzi & Buzzi, like recessed Eggy, totally concealed, ideal for wall installation, wall and ceiling plasterboard.

The structure was made of Air Coral, a material patented by the company that is environmentally friendly and anti bacterial, photocatalytic and pollutant. Discreet and aesthetically pleasing design, is strong and durable.

The installation of this Spotlight, as the other models made from the same material, not only ensures adequate recessed lighting, but also cleanses the air by neutralizing pollutants even when off. The air in the room will be so healthy, clean and hygienic.

In addition to the installation in plasterboard, spotlights, also known as trimming, can be placed even on the floor or within panels, like those made of wood.

Once placed, it will be super simple, but effective to light up a step, integrating perfectly with walls or walls create.

The result is really disappearing, even if behind their placement there is a grand design and practical work.

There are different models of spotlights, fixed or adjustable; the design of these reflectors is really minimal, does not disturb and behind the wall that houses it.

Their invisible effect lends itself in modern, contemporary and even essential that leave no room for frills and decorations, but only to the feature.

Pocket led

There are also models of led spotlights raking in false ceilings and plasterboard. Those are today perhaps the most powerful led, energy-efficient, durable and do not overheat like previous versions, with traditional lamps that often burned and were replaced.

Studies show that a good Spotlight led can last well beyond the Decade; the initial cost is higher than halogen ones, but the duration and the considerable savings in the Bill justifies the investment.

An interesting pattern, always AirCoral ® by Buzzi & Buzzi, is the recessed light Basic Round, which relies on the LEDs.

Other solutions are offered for example by Noble Italy Spa that has any kind of proposals, including the catalogue led light, both indoors and outdoors.

It is from inside the micro led downlight designed for insertion into the countertop.

Its performance, equal to 70%, goes well with minimal aesthetics, circular-shaped doughnut, with light diffuser in satin material. Supports class A led lights up at triple a.

An alternative aesthetically different, square-shaped, led for wall installation, supported by Samsung lamp lasts 50,000 hours.

The Board is made of aluminum but white-colored to be more discreet.

Concealed wall light

Having long talked of various proposals for spotlights, which are normal for wall or ceiling, or led, we introduced another type of concealed lighting: wall lights, wall-mounted socket or facilities, which help create the home lighting. Generally this type of lamps is like hanging chandeliers, a decorative choice. Wall lights are often used to adorn points in shadow in the rooms of the House or premises.

These retractable wall are always place types, but unlike the traditional ones, are really basic in the stretch and shape.

Very simple, are characterized by a refinement in the design phase, which has given rise to proposals for contemporary designs that are increasingly being considered in the House.

Belfiore srl has a great range & number of wall lights.

Note the series Novantadieci sails. All made of plaster or ceramic, resist well to heat and for this reason also support high voltages.

The power supply can be traditional or led light with different types of holders always very innovative aspect seem almost splits the wall and dumps mood and environment. Another plus is the ability to color the same nuance of the wall, so you buy white, but if the wall where you want to place the lamp holder is coloured, just painted with the same color.

2369 sails is a fully retractable wall able to blend in with the background and giving the local light fascinating.