Here’s How to Eliminate Belly After Pregnancy

It is very common during pregnancy, a mother-to-be worry so much about your baby, with preparations for the birth, which ends up slipping a bit of balance, and of the many precautions that should have at that stage, which if underestimated end up resulting, among other things, the measures more, stretch marks, sagging and a potbelly nothing charming. So, if that’s exactly what happened to you, no despair, as it is still possible to display the good way to before, plus a beautiful belly again, but, of course, you’ll need to roll up our sleeves and change some habits, in addition to acquire others. And there, excited? So, paper and pen in hand to write down tips and eliminate the belly:

Tips to Eliminate belly After Pregnancy

Certainly time to revert the table and eliminate the belly after pregnancy, is indicated to initiate a low-calorie diet, and also an exercise program to strengthen the region and lumbar, improving posture and preventing back pain, so common, after the baby is born, that often happens because of bad posture during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Prevention is always the best medicine, and in this case would be no different, so the trick is to control the weight during the pregnancy, so that then, after giving birth, is easier and faster, eliminate belly. So, follow the recommendations of your doctor, let to get fat in the last months of pregnancy, when the baby will be growing and gaining mass, unlike the first, if fat too much, those extra pounds will be for you, and not for him. Also look for exercise during pregnancy, to strengthen the muscles of your abdomen, getting a lot easier to go back to the old way.

Power supply

Certainly, the food, as always, is key to good shape, and not about any diet, but a balanced diet containing fiber and whole foods on the menu, facilitating the work of the intestine, since the better it works, be able to eliminate the belly, as is normal at this stage in the first few days after giving birth, the woman suffering from constipation (constipation), and if put in feeding fibers help to regulate intestinal transit, improving its functioning.


Although many women still afraid of possible aesthetic damage coming with breastfeeding, the Act of breast-feeding spends a huge amount of calories, that is, anything you want to do the diet at this stage, which is recommended, since mom need to feed well at that stage, to produce a good amount of milk for the baby.

And another thing, many women even imagine, but while breastfeeding, the body produces hormones that stimulate the uterus to contract, so that you can eliminate belly quickly, meaning not only that breast milk is essential to the health of the baby, for the rapprochement between him and mom, be a moment so important breastfeeding still collaborates for the belly to be beautiful again.

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage does not lose weight, however, it may help to eliminate belly dramatically, the swelling characteristic of postpartum. But, very quiet at this time, you need to consult your doctor, only he can assess if you’re able to do the drainage, since many just release the massage after a month, for, in the case of caesarean section, wait for the healing.


Walking is a great exercise after childbirth, without any contraindication, because it is a low-impact activity, that does not depend on any equipment to be performed.

Well, after the deadline given by your doctor, usually 10 days after vaginal delivery and 40 days after the c-section, however, only your doctor can assess the time required for you, the trick is to bet on some localized exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and eliminate belly.
Below is a plan of exercises that you can do at home (with all due ok your doctor):
First, before starting the exercises do 15 minutes located any aerobic exercise, walk, bike, jumping jacks, dancing, etc.

Exercise 1

Raise the torso and the hips off the floor as shown. You should do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2

Lying parallel to the torso, arms, legs extended and semi flexionadas towards the ceiling. make an elevation of the legs and the hips off the ground. Focus your strength in the abdomen. Return to starting position. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Exercise 3

For this exercise, you should lie down on the floor and then raise your legs, arms and head, as shown, and remain standing in this position for 10 second. Must make 5 repetitions of this exercise. While it is easy to stay in this position for 10 seconds, you must remain in the position for as long as you can.

Vele emphasise, however, that the exercises for firming and shaping serve localized, to lose weight you have to invest in aerobic exercises, of course, only after your doctor gives you the go ahead, so I could burn enough calories and eliminate belly quickly.

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