Healthy High Heels

You’re in love with your stiletto, but they may not return the love.
Walk on his heels all day is never really comfortable, but you we’re used to, right? Not so fast. A new study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice found that you can stand on heels with ease but at the same time you can destroy the physical.

The Korean university researchers Hanseo recruited 40 healthy female students to examine this theory. The girls of the Air Tourism course were called to wear heels to class. (To date, corny right?) The researchers then divided into groups to study the reactions of the body after four years of heels worn every day.

Even if you bring heels initially it strengthens the ankle muscles, ends up weakening them, causing an imbalance in the following year, some sentinel future hassles. The girls who wore shoes with 10 cm heels more than three times a week have developed a strong imbalance in four muscles of the ankle.

If the heels ports, the researchers recommend stretching regularly to strengthen your ankles. Walking on retro heels trying to climb on your toes doing repetitions of “up and down”. And also if sometimes can feel sometimes without heels, wearing flat shoes such as ballet shoes, sandals or sneakers, it’s even better.