Headphones PS4 Reviews

You’re playing with the PlayStation 4. You are isolated in hostile territory, almost without ammunition and badly wounded. As the enemy approaches your position, the voice of one of your squad mates crackles in your cheap headphones.

But it would not have to be like that. If you invest in some decent headphones for PS4, will get to the music of your game sounds crystal clear, you can hear the effects and not have to guess what is what your peers are saying.

You don’t even have to spend much, there are kits/sets of good quality for less than 30 euros. Then we offer you our selection of the headphones iPhone (see http://www.howsmb.com/headsets/bluetooth-headphone-for-ipad/) with best value for money. We will go in order of price, here we have them.

TRITTON Kama (€30)

Perhaps not the handset PS4 cheapest on the market, but is very close and is better than other similarly priced alternatives that we have tested. Its configuration not could be more simple: connects the cable short directly in the part less of your DualShock 4, changes the option of “output of headphones” to “all the audio” in the menu of configuration and already it have ready.

Best price found: €30
You probably won’t get the same robustness and quality of sound than with other Headphones reviewed, but it is that you are not paying for them and, in fact, taking into account that they cost less than 30 euros, the results are astonishing. In addition, also will work with your PS Vita if you have

The sound effects and voices are heard clearly and large explosions of Battlefield 4 sounds tremendous. Perhaps there is some digital lint on the bottom of your voice, but it is so low that it won’t bother you when you conversations with teammates.

It is the perfect solution If your budget is tight. But now come more quality.

Sony Playstation Wireless Stereo O2 (€100)

Headphones Sony PS4 to have a tiny USB key that makes it easy to be completely wireless, a pretty design, invisible microphones on the drinks, 7.1 virtual surround sound and a proper application to configure custom sound levels. In addition they are versatile, since it works with the PS4 as with the PS3 and the PS Vita – being the only profiled assemblies which serves for all three platforms currently available in Sony.

Best price found: €100
Until now, all good – but in use are not entirely perfect. First, the virtual surround sound could be better. You have a sense of the decent from around audio quality but a little dirty, which will be perceived as a little natural. In addition, custom profiles also could improve the standard sound is better.

This is the look you have. A model of the most liked in PS4.

Even so, although sound quality may be a little disappointing, remain headphones for PS4 more attractive market and a price rather than adjusted.

Great look, comfort and sound stereo, although the special features could be more special.