Hawaiian Necklace with Crepe Paper

Hawaiian necklaces are a beautiful way to decorate a themed party or our daughters to dress up in any occasion, moreover, they are very simple to make and craft very nice that requires little material.


  • colorful crepe paper
  • A sheet of paper
  • straws
  • Son
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  1. Draw a flower on the paper and cut itout, will be your mold.
  2. Cut several more crepe paper flowers, remember that the more colorful necklace will stay cuter.
  3. Choose the length of your necklace and cut the thread, itis preferable if you use a thick thread and yarn or string hemp.
  4. Leave 10 cm of thread and tie a knot at the other end threaded the needle and put a few flowers, arrúgalas a bit to make them look real.
  5. After straws cut into small segments of 5cm and insert a piece of straw in the thread.
  6. Repeat sandwiching flowers and straws until you remaining 10 cm of thread and make another knot.
  7. You can tie yournecklace with leftover yarn.

This craft is very simple so you can make several to give as a memento in a children’s party or theme, or you can even decorate the room of your daughters with them.