Hats for Summer

Hat – how to choose the 2013 summer accessory

Fashion is the accessories and, among them, an article has been highlighted by the special touch that gives the looks. The hats, in various models, have made the head of the women. The beach to the city, this is an accessory that can both serve to decorate, how to protect. What many people don’t know is that there is a hat model for each type of face. See if the fashion models are indicated for you:

For round faces, we recommend the use of hats with the cup of average height or high, with the proportional to the height of the tab. This gives impression of thinner, because the more elongated. A good example might be the brimmed model and soft, widely used on the beach or around the pool, it gives a charming touch to the look with bath output.

Who has the face of oval format, that is, at the time of the cheeks and Chin, thin should prefer the hats whose tab and the Crown (top) are proportional, so that no visual don’t be exaggerated. To the people of square face, wide-brimmed models and medium or high Cup are best, because balance the face which by nature is more elongated. The cowboy-style models, which are very high, can be fine.

For people with the rectangular face, which is quite confused with the square, but is longer and thinner in the Chin, combine the hat models that have medium or low Cup, as well as the tab. Bet on the model “fedora”, which is a more feminine version, much like the Panama, though more rounded shape.

For those who already have the triangular-shaped face, i.e., wider on top and tuned in the Chin, get better models of hats whose Cup and the aba are in sizes small and rounded. That leaves the more smooth. Here the Panama Hat can be a perfect option, because the Cup and the lip are in balance.