Hat Love

A whole season is here when I Karen, the face behind Tate millinery at the summer festival in Frankfurt first met. I have used the last day with beautiful autumn weather and sunshine and detained a few pictures for you. Directly between the vineyards, with 3 cones of her…

Since 2014, it manufactures hats and is inspired by old movies and images for their creations that are aligned with the 20s 50s. One finds such Hat models unfortunately nowadays little of the rod, so she began to design even hats. Here you will find various modelswith her: the Cloche, felt hat, about the typical cocktail hat or the summer straw hat. There also special productions such as small wedding hat or Fascinator with her. The men’s world is guaranteed when you also find: Golf that recall the series of peaky blinders or the so-called Driving Caps have managed in their shop.

My favorite Hat model is still the pillbox hat. It is named after the ground floor shelter from World War 2, he is a typical Hutform of 50s and very chic. Rather flat, but mostly also around and particularly suitable for festlichere occasions. The model has made known the famous Jackie Kennedy. Who still wants to perfect the typical look, combined with large dark glasses to a costume and a pair of sunglasses. It is worn mostly with ambitious half hair because one wears it in the back of the head or also like to side. Especially feminine he looks when he is adorned with a small loop-like the light blue/grey model of Tate millinery.

Various models of hat help Karen design their hats. She refers to herself as “Felt girls”. For it steamed to the Fedora and pulls him over the corresponding round shape. After it is dried can it to your hearts content “garnished” are. Straw hats are made, however, moist and then deleted form. Of course, even special designs are possible.

Who would like to enjoy long on his hats, make sure to store them well. This goes best with a hat box. The headrest should be stuffed as Additionally with some paper. Hats are by the way, not a rain protection, water use them only up to a certain extent. It cleans dirt usually simply by brushing off.

Why do we see only still so little hats on the streets? Neither Karen nor I can tell us that, after all, hats were impossible to imagine centuries. You with considered most important accessory, but dare these days only a few ladies and gentlemen with a hat out of the House.

That’s why at the end of some words from Karen at recipesinthebox.com:

Dear ladies, dare to wear hat. A hat is the perfect addition to an outfit. It completes and makes the wearer something special. Women, the hat wearing, work outward always self-confident and feminine. Who has never worn hat, captures best small or “normal”. Currently, floppy hats, Fedoras and bowler in the fashion world are so said that it hardly stands out thus.The recommendation applies more to the vintage ladies: start with the small cones, the Fascinators and then boosts you to the proper hats.