Happy Birthday, Gucci Horsebit Loafers!

Easter egg-colored remake of the first Gucci collection of 1953, designed by Frida Giannini.

The famous Slipper with the bridles harness is 60 years old. Gucci celebrates the birthday of its shoe icon with an exhibition at the Museum of Gucci in Florence and a current, Easter egg-colored remake of the first collection of 1953, specially designed by Frida Giannini for the anniversary.

Just walking barefoot is more convenient. In and out hatch in the loafers: there’s nothing easier than that. Could be this barely matching the name for the comfortable shoe without laces that loafer means “Lazy”. Who invented it? Gucci must match this time. First there were American College students who wore the more or less rustic prototype farmers in Finland, then since the 1930s. The for – and early history of the loafers but goes back further. The moccasin of North American Indians, familiar in the rag, stood at the shoe to slip into model, which you now also gave its flat sales in Scandinavia and the United States. After the rise of the loafers in America discovered him years also in the Fashion country Italyin the fifties. But only succeeded in Gucci with his Horsebit loafers, to make known and world’s socially acceptable the shoe throughout Europe.

Starts with Fred Astaire and John Wayne

Gucci gave his loafers with the characteristic, a horse bridle metal clasp intuited from the to necessary fashionable twist. The bridle clip comes from the first beginning as the former leather workshop supplied the nobility with horse saddles. in 1953 the metal ornamental element first appeared as a decorative detail on soft Loafern for men in brown or black leather. Stars such as Clark Gable, Fred Astaire and John Wayne wore them from the outset. Aldo, clever as charismatic son of company founder Guccio Gucci and husband of Princess Irene of Greece, had expanded at the time the range of shoes. Aldo Gucci owes the double G of the initials of founder as company logo and accessories that give international prestige the name of the company. “The Horsebit loafer has lived many lives for 60 years and earned honestly so his place in the men’s and women’s wardrobe,” says Creative Director and Museum Director Frida Giannini. “The bridles motif is borrowed from the equestrian world and combines up to today Gucci’s unique history with modern.”

The Legend Lives On

The special exhibition at the Museum of Gucci in Florence tells the story of the Horsebit loafer from its origins in the 1950s and his heyday in the 1960 and 70s as a Playboy Gunther Sachs the Jet set showed not only in Saint Tropez, how to wear the casual Gucci look sexy. The silk shirt unbuttoned to the waist is not mandatory, socks, however, do not go. Who not want to be included in the Michael-Jackson Memorial Club of the scariest fashion sins, never more in socks, especially not with white Terry socks in his Horsebit loafer. The inclusion in the permanent collection of the New York Metropolitan Museum of art was 1985. A variety of historical Horsebit loafers from the in-house company archive of the Gucci Museum in the Palace of Merchandise in Piazza of the Signoria give insight into the evolution of the famous shoe in the past six decades until today. Gucci has combined the legendary bridle particles with a wide variety of materials – of veal and wild – patent leather with Python, ostrich or crocodile to satin or canvas. It was backed with the typical green red-green saddle band Web strip or paired with other design characteristics such as the intricate GG Gucci. As the narrower and more elegantly tailored women’s version of the original Mr shoe has its premiere performance, the Unisex model in no time captured the feet of elegant women who appreciate luxurious comfort. Variants of the Horsebit loafer got a higher heel, like for example, Sophia wore him Loren or come as a hybrid model with moccasin ankle boot.

Forever Now

Those black Horsebit loafers, where Madonna entered the stage in 1995 at the MTV awards, in the exhibition as well as exhibits are represented as the specimens which had Brad Pitt in the movie “Fight Club” of 1999. Or the loafers with chunky heel, where the young Jodie Foster in the 1970s on the skateboard rises and teenage keck rebellious posing like a street boy. Photographs of numerous Hollywood stars such as Dustin Hoffman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in Horsebit loafers make glamorous background of historical exhibits. Her feet show here as bridle shoe makers and Director Francis Ford Coppola, Jane Birkin, or Lapo Elkann, favourite grandson of Fiat Patriarch Gianni Agnelli. There Charlotte Casiraghi – should not be missing show jumper, aristocratic daughter of Monaco and granddaughter of Grace Kelly – as a Gucci-testimonial. You posing in Horsebit loafer in front of the camera lens by Star photographer Peter Lindbergh for the “forever now”-Birth day campaign 2013 the Gucci shoe icon.