Happiness Is… in Sales?

When I told a friend I was going to write an article about rebates and useless for a portal of fashion consumerism, he laughed in my face. It seemed something ridiculous, Since write about not buying into a portal that sometimes advise us what to buy was a little absurd.

I think that it is wrong. How is many people confusing it with clothing fashion. A fashion portal talks about fashion, catwalk, imitations new collections of stores low cost (having low, since a few years ago, very little). Go knock-offs to fill (even more) a cupboard or feel you prettier is not adore fashion, is worship garments. And no, there is nothing criminal about it, but let us call things by their name. To clarify, “na’ more ‘.

There are those who say that buy lots of clothes makes it because it is unhappy. But well, there are also people who says that if you do not fall well a pretty chick is because you have envy, not because it is an unbearable. Must not fall into extremes: as well is to buy a few garments because now you come out better price (while even while 50% have a ridiculously high price), as not having to endure someone unbearable, handsome, ugly or heap.

However, and very normal to us seem to burst us to buy the sales, the theme is going us hands. Fights to buy a couple of items of cheap collections that produce expensive designers for which “we want but we can’t”; queues at the entrance to department stores to get something supposedly useful that, months later, just at the bottom of our huge closet; anguish, queues in testers, queue to pay, queue to change the purchased or nights of waiting before a computer to be able to catch something in online sales… Months of work of Monday to Friday from 8 to 18 with two hours in the middle to eat…and everything to gain three t-shirts, four blouses and five pants in your closet.

I’ve also had a dressing room. And two. One day I took moving to give away everything that I didn’t pay. And how me it hurt, my mother. Each gift item it was a useless tool, but I forced me to get rid of it. Because ultimately knew it very well: I’m not “in-love” that pair of pants or that skirt. In the end, this is like dating someone “sympathetic”: you have truck but you will end up shipping it by very good person who is.

I know many people who said that it did not see no. They claim to do it for themselves. I guess it’s a way of saying: “I’m not an insecure person, I just want I like myself”. But I do not think that account that one does not need to have a hundred dresses for liking, or four don’t give cheap compliments of unknown assailants Instagram to feel attractive.

A few months ago I moved to an island. I took a suitcase of clothes. Else (the little that was left after having given everything) left it packed in a friend’s House (what maja she). I don’t know, not I miss nothing of what I have. I, when I lived in a big city, also dressed me for myself. But since I’m on an island not I break my head with what I’m going to put the next day. Yes, I worry about my image. Yes, I like to see me well dressed. Yes, I mind my reflection. I wear my clothes combined well, clean and well ironed. But already it doesn’t interest me what season is and what will think when they see me with a jersey of the 2011.

That does not accept me because my clothes are not modern, does not interest me.

But well, ex-smokers are bitter life to anyone who smokes in front of us. My case is no exception. So not having withdrawn (for a time) to an island should suppose that others have to adjust its two hundred pairs of shoes.

Unfortunately I am aware of that, sooner or later, I will return to Barcelona. And I’ll go knock-offs. And I’m (come on if I will do it!) my “blazer” are too old fashioned or my “trench” already is not. And I will return home loaded with bags (see it coming).

I just hope that with every year I spend a little less. And it’s virtually impossible to stop being part of this system, what can we do.