Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell + Special Birthday Raffle

Hello dear ones!

After my birthday today, I thought, I am also a bit do you participate and have a small, but nice sweepstakes. You can as of today very beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry at my win – of course there’s only one person to fulfill even a small task, but you will certainly like them, because this time is to not necessarily about going to follow me, this special task to speak much more your creative vein…

Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell 3
But I think I give first of all the shop you, this competition was possible its cooperation, or? Finally, it is always interesting to know something about the background!

I can not often stress enough how happy I like beautiful jewelry. This of course depends on various factors, which need to just fit so that I can say, “Yes, that is a piece of jewelry for me!”. I prefer silver jewellery, gold I can not really know what to make, also if’s beautiful gold jewelry are, no question! Also pearls but also inspires me, I find that beads exude a certain “basic elegance”, so you never really can doing something wrong with pearls.

Particularly, I guess but beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, the look also, that which or the Erschaffer/in gave much trouble, to make them. Also, I have always the advantage that I sometimes even my own preferences with can incorporate as a customer in hand-crafted jewelry. Finally knows every woman her jewelry style and their preferences best, so that she also can say what and I like your piece of jewelry like and what would have changed them best!

And the keywords we comply “handmade” and “Your own wishes incorporate” already in the middle of the DaWanda shop KettenCarosell by Carolin mouth on. Caro makes beautiful jewelry pieces for years, since January, 2012 she sold it (fortunately!) online. On the loved ones she processed in SWAROVSKI beads, which can be found in almost any piece of jewelry, combined with high quality 925 Silver, precious and beautiful beads made of porcelain or glass. To describe these pieces of jewellery would be only a lean image, just look in the KettenCarosell at Caro past and get yourself a picture!

Caro self is really very nice and sympathetic man, to needs not once, as I did, with her write E-Mails, you read just their detailed product descriptions – so don’t worry, if you have jewelry wishes, when Caro since you are in the best hands! But also in each jewelry piece we find always a bit even Caro, as are the individual materials combines really beautifully.

Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell 1

How to find for example the sweet bracelets with SWAROVSKI pearls, mother of Pearl and silver leaves? Through the various designs and colors, can be found here, always the matching bracelet!
The prices for the pieces of jewelry are very fair and entirely appropriate for the charming, handmade treasures. The jewelry pieces are sent packed in sweet organza bags so that you also continue could give them away – the emphasis is on “might” but!

You can find the shipping costs (for Germany) by the way directly written always with the individual products, if you buy several pieces of jewelry, you have to pay of course only once shipping, then sharing with you Caro by mail! To Austria or Switzerland you should ask for shipping in case of a fall at Caro, for some earrings shipping costs Austria e.g. cheap 3.90 euros.

So, now I want to show but finally you, what you can win. I have two pairs of earrings, even in the shade of pink , and once in the color Green, which has newly designed Caro and that you can find only a few days with her in the shop.
The earrings consist of course made of 925 Silver and a shimmering, about 3cm large mother-of-Pearl tyres where ever a Pearl “was captured”.

The SWAROVSKI beads have a diameter of 10mm and shine through a special Pearl coating as well as real pearls. The processing of each material is clean and spotless, the earrings wear is really very pleasant, and feel very easily, although just the mother of Pearl tire but very robust. Both green earrings, as well as the Pink Twins combine beautifully and give an elegant touch to a rather simple outfit.

Handmade Jewelry from the Kettencarosell 2

But the additional feature of these earrings is that they are still totally nameless! As one such beautiful pieces of jewelry can make not nameless, Caro something special a is dropped! And right here you get in the game! What do you think, to be able to win as a pair of earrings? The or the winner has also spoilt for choice, because as Caro Yes specially manufactures the earrings for you, you can even choose the color of the beads! Either pink or green or even an individual colour of choice, if Caro has them on sale.

Pink, green, or a completely different color??? WIN ME!

How you can participate:
Let’s think of a good name for the earrings you, then visited the KettenCarosell Facebook fan page and posts following sentence there on the wall:”I take part in the competition on http://mestrayllana.at and suggest the name”xy – here wearing her your name proposal a”front for the lovely earrings!”

Then you write even a comment in which you tell me under what name you have posted your name suggestion on the wall for KettenCarosell here below this post and have been in the Los pot! The draw winner will then perform Caro, because it is all about their creations, may decide they like the earrings in her shop are called!

Still very important:
Can participate you are until 31 May 2013, 23:59 pm, both participants from Austria and Germany welcome. Please leave an emailso I can contact you or Caro can forward a contact email – after all there are then still teeny-tiny details like e.g. the color of beads to discuss!

So and now much fun with the be creative!