Handheld Flashlights and Lanterns

Not only during a power outage, but also at work in the attic, in the basement at night camping or various outdoor activities, we use portable handheld flashlight. It should be among the basic equipment of every cottagers, enthusiast and outdoors enthusiasts. Hand lantern or flashlight if you want to, appreciated in many situations.

Earlier in the flashlights choice was not much. They were either flat or round, and thus it ended. They did not have any special features, and each is suited to everything. Today, however, it is completely different and you can choose a hand lantern that is best suited for the activity – there is outdoor flashlights, hunting, or even tactical, which uses police and soldiers. Furthermore, we can choose whether we want to have a handy flashlight with batteries, a battery or a rechargeable into electricity. A varied menu is also designs, flashlights can be made of plastic, rubber, small, large, with handle and without. When selecting the appropriate lamp is so necessary to decide what it will actually benefit the most essential and also how much we are willing to pay for it.

Flashlights occasional light

If you are looking for a flashlight, we’d only occasionally used for certain chores at your cabin or cottage, we should focus on models designed specifically for home use. It is a flashlight, for which there is no emphasis on any extreme durability or performance. They work mostly on replaceable batteries and their price is around one hundred crowns, then going to get better in a few hundred crowns. Even in this category cheap lamps it is good to focus on a model that has at least improved resistance to moisture. Sami surely know forget a flashlight somewhere outside overnight is not so impossible. And when it starts to rain or morning dew falls, it is brewing problem. But even storing in the basement, where there may be an increased humidity, baterkám not doing too well.

In such handheld lanterns are suffering especially the battery, especially when you forget to take out a flashlight for a prolonged period. Because of these problems are more practical lamp that can be easily recharged plugging into an outlet. Flashlight so (depending on the model) on a single charge lasts one hour should be light, but you also seven or twelve hours. Modern batteries of this type are equipped with one or more LEDs. One for ordinary lighting is looking really durable product, it should focus on lantern made of hardened plastic and rubber, which is shockproof. A great help, especially when you need to have your hands free, can also be a head lamp, a head torch.

When you need proper light

If you cheap flashlights and lasting afterglow not meet, reach for a more powerful handheld lanterns. Their abundant light and far afterglow appreciate in any job in the dark in places where there is no electricity. Their light will assist you, whether you need something to do in the evening at the cottage or on the construction site. These powerful lamps should be sufficiently resistant to both moisture and against falling from height and if they are rechargeable, they should withstand for one charge long enough. Quality hand lamps designed for proper lighting going to get from CZK 500 to thousands.

These lamps can be controlled by the strength of the afterglow performance. At the highest performance can have a flashlight afterglow example 350 meters, but when you set economy mode is its persistence is less than 200 meters. Since the mode in which we have a flashlight in operation also depends on her stamina. On the economic operation of the light duration and tens of hours while at maximum power with the battery life might be around 20 hours.

High performance also promise rechargeable halogen lamps which are equipped with halogen lamps, or have spare (backup) krypton bulb. This type of hand lamps are especially designed for professional use, are great for firefighters, police officers, geologists, but also hunters and fishing enthusiasts. When fully charged, they have some models halogen lamps afterglow of up to one kilometer. Batteries are often sold with power adapters to the network and your car and there is a shoulder strap.

Flashlights and lamps for camping

In addition to handheld lanterns particularly useful during camping include table or wall lamp, also called lanterns. They do not give-aimed spotlight, but they can illuminate a wide surrounding area. Table lanterns operate mostly on rechargeable batteries. In modern lanterns you can set different lighting modes with a certain performance, or is also set to flashing mode. Various models of lamps last for varying lengths of time, you can meet with a battery life of about 75 hours at full power, but equally with only 8 hours. Table lamps should be water resistant as spilling tea on the table, or similar accidents are mainly for outdoor dining so special. As a practical matter, when the lamp is also equipped with a hanger. Although lanterns are equipped with modern technologies and lit mostly LEDs, lovers of old times can also choose a model that excels nostalgic design classic old lanterns.

Flexible lamps – the light that reaches everywhere

When you need to shine in places where they get with a traditional flashlight just barely we appreciate unconventional flexible lamp that is mounted on a flexible memory cable. Given that the cable can be shaped according to specific needs, we can shine even in places difficult to reach. Cable endoscopic lamps is holding the shape and angle. The torch is additionally equipped with a magnetic clip that allows it to attach to metal surfaces. Hands us to remain free to work.