Hamster Cannon, a Fun Game of Skill by Rodents

Hamsters, small rodents that have been pets of many children during their childhood. Now Big Blue, the creators of Burn the Rope and Fling a Thing, have decided to virtualize these friendly animals and give you a more intense and fun life in Hamster Cannon.

The proposal of the game is simple: throwing hamsters with the help of a canon and our aim so, overcoming a series of obstacles, to get the maximum number of meal (called nom) as possible. An idea that other games that have triumphed in the mobile format as Angry Birds but with enough charisma as to not consider it as a copy cheap.

At each stage we have a series of hamsters with different skills. Its use is strategic because Iran opening up different ways to get all the objects that are scattered in each level. We can choose the order, although we do not regulate the intensity of the shooting, only the angle of this.

As we overcome the different levels we can invest the noms in different objects that will make life a little easier: batteries that increase the strength of the cannon, guides to better track the hamster… Ultimately, elements that encourage us to return to play all phases to achieve the maximum possible score.

Technically the game has enough charisma. Graphics, simple, are very well designed and include some curious details such as different costumes of hamsters. The effects of sound, in my opinion, are a bit boring but fit in perfectly with these creatures.

Hamster Cannon is a game completely free Although it includes advertising. Which can remove in a very curious way: using the points that we are getting on each screen. In addition, it is compatible with almost all Android devices, although some bugs in the ten-inch tablet can be seen at the ends of the screen.

Hamster Cannonversion 1.0.1

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Big Blue Bubble
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games