Halloween Themed Birthday Parties

Per who’s having a birthday in the second half of October, a theme to set the whole party is to Halloween, party that like so much to children and to organize a special themed party with every detail, from decorations, to games, to recipes and favors to give to guests.

A Halloween themed birthday party that respects itself will be full of Christmas ornaments, more or less scary. Don’t worry, here’s some idea to create everything in the House.

A Garland of ghosts, for example. Made many balls of newspaper (or use the ping pong balls), cut out many squares of white cloth, or solution much faster, take many white paper towels, wrap them around the ball, passed around the ball a lanyard, draw eyes and mouth, stapled a loop of rope on top of the ghost and bind them all to a larger string.

Here’s another Garland made with construction paper, follow the link and you can see another with bats.

You want to impress? Put on u table a real ghost!

If you’re able to dig and carve the pumpkin, you may also disseminate other sundries made from different materials. Try using the containers of eggs, for example. They’re great as placeholder!

Or you could carve the oranges, look how beautiful.

Behold, your House is ready and decked out ad hoc, now we have to think about the buffet, look at the recipes that we put in the Blogmamma special and also in that of nursery rhymes. And if you want to follow us tomorrow, you will find many other simple recipes, desserts and ghostly …. See you on Homethodology!