Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween is tonight. You feel rather sadistic Freddy, hysterical Carrie or mega Clown scary?

Attention this article has a clown head that very fear, phobic refrain!
If you still have not chosen your costume, there is still time to spin at the Mall nearest and you tinker with a look of madness with basic parts handpicked.

The program of the day: three big horror movie villains (ok, Carrie is not really a “bad” Finally it’s not his fault, finally who cares).


First to go under the knife: Freddy Krueger, the film nails the night. Our good friend Freddy was a psychopath whose favorite pastime was to kill small children. Not very happy parents (it is conceived) burned him alive in revenge, and now Freddy, become very ugly as well as being a bloodthirsty killer, gets into the nightmares of teenagers for quartered them with the tip of its sharp claws.

The range of the little Freddy: the famous sweater with stripes all Committee (must say that 15cm claws to put on his sweater is not what there is of more practical), a soft hat and gray pants. For burn victim makeup, I invite you to take a ride on the selection of Halloween Makeup tutorials of Annelise!


Second guest of honor, Carrie at the Devil’s ball (or just Carrie for the respondents).From the novel by Stephen King, Carrie tells the story of a high school girl a little stuck, victimized by classmates naughty cheerleaders and his mother shot in the communion wine. At the end of year prom, she takes a bucket of pig blood in full on the head and on her pretty dress pink, and it is the drop of water / blood that makes the vase overflow: Carrie loses it and balance in every sense-telekinetic powers, and (you won’t know more, I won’t ruin the ending anyway).

To make a perfect Carrie so you’ll need a long dress prom pale pink satin (that you can replace with a Nightie if you do not want to crack three years of salary suddenly), a beautiful tiara and Miss the essential accessory: blood everywhere. For the detail freaks, don’t forget the bouquet of flowers and the big bow pink that Carrie wears in the arm.


It’s or, depending on the Ebizdir, is a disgusting monster who lives in the sewers and attracts children taking the form of a clown to pretty multicolored balloons, before devouring them alive. Personally and saw the look of the clown in question, I would have wanted anything but to follow this thing in the sewers, I have six years or twenty-four, but turn.

For a total look of credible clown, nothing but makeup creepy and wig. For the rest, simply mix the primary colors (red, blue and yellow for the background that have not revised). You can take as a basis a dress with multi-colored glitters like this and add some bobbles and fat knots-knots to glitter: less is discreet, better it is.

So, what will be your bad guy of the day? If you are still undecided, go do the test ” What horror movie killer are you? ” to get to the bottom!