Hairstyles with Extensions

By this time we always look to see us very well and the hairstyle is something indispensable. Some hairstyles look better when you accompany extensions, to look an abundant mane.

Long waves

Wear an abundant mane often is often complicated when we have little hair or very thin. The waves in the hair no longer in fashion. All you have to do is undulate your hair first, then undulate extensions. Once combed your hair separates into three layers and each tie a small crepe to place extensions with clip, add some hairspray and ready. You’ll look amazing.

Romantic chignon

It is a unique short bow for those special occasions. Alisa your hair but with a little foam volume, divide the hair into two in various parts of the head to get more amount the top of the head by placing the extensions and twirling of the hair at the bottom as a bun holding it some forks. It is a hairstyle very practical and cute.

Semirecofido Rock’n’style

It is a styling semirecogido volume on top of the head. You must completely straighten the hair, gives volume to the top with a few curls and placed under these extensions. You should brush the top of the rollers and cover extensions. It is very easy.

ultra Lazio

If you have short hair and this time wants to look a completely smoothed and long hair, clip extensions are the best choice, you’ll look great straightening. You just have to iron both your hair like extensions. A smooth time separating your hair into three parts of the crown to the nape and place.

Braid with Waves

Many times we have little hair and hairstyles do not look like we want. You just have to undulate both your hair and the extensions, separate your hair into three layers and place the extensions. Once installed you’ll start making a braid aside as if in four, leaving the wedge freefall until the other end of the hundred. You’ll look spectacular.

Side Braid

This winter these are super trendy hairstyles. You must shape your hair volumizing causing the same, you should also do with the extensions. Once molded the hair must place them. Take all your hair to your preferred side and begins to braid the ear down causing the top of the head look with volume. You will look completely fashionable.

Braid pin

The braid of Spike looks pretty good when an abundant mane looks. You should brush fine hair and extensions. Put more extensions loaded next to do the braid. Hair divided into two parts, as if we were to ask ourselves some pigtails, and hold them tight so they do not intermingle. Take a thin lock of the central area of each party spent the remainder us right on which was left us both. You’ll have a beautiful braid.

Cascading semirecogido

Show off a cascade wavy hair is beautiful, you will wear formal yet fresh. You must undulate all hair and extensions. After placing wedges you should be taking hair from the sides to place them in the middle of the head with pins. So you will achieve give the cascading effect.

Renew your look is very simple and you can do it with just a hairstyle, you can use them at any time, so do not forget to bring your outfit. Extensions are a very good tool to achieve this .