Hairstyles Simple Step by Step

If you have an important event or do not know how to comb your hair to go to school, work or anywhere else we bring hairstyles simple but spectacular here do that without any problem because they are very practical.

Fish Braid

A braid will look good wherever you go. Divide your hair into two parts, again, at each end divide your hair into two. Start intersperse the strands of hair from outside to inside until you have a braid.

Braid with Chongo

This hairstyle is very convenient for an important event. Right side of your hair, take a small to make a normal braid section, do not forget to be pulling so there are no balls in your hair. Then you are subject to a league and take her along with chongo you will. You can make a bun bun as you will later explain.

Romantic hairstyle

This is a very simple and above all cute hairstyle. Take a small lock of your hair intercalas each end and one by one, secure with a pin. After you join the single braid and a final add small accessories.

Shaped chongo Moño

If you have long hair, this hairstyle will look like you very well. Hold all your hair and grab it with a rubber band to form a simple bun after bun that you divide into two, take a small portion of your hair straight back and raisins with a pin. Usually, it will be a beautiful bow.

Elegant chongo

If what you want is a hairstyle simple yet elegant time, you can choose this option. Take a lock of your hair in front and hold it with a rubber band, then do the same but with the back. The lock of front divide it into two parts, one larger than the other the left you pass back and subject together with the bun of your choice.

Coleta Side

A hairstyle practical for every occasion. Divide your hair into two sections, carry them to the side you prefer and tied with a league one side and the other divide it into three. With each strand you make a churrito with your hair that you are joining the other end to secure them with a rubber band or a nice lapel pin and voila, you ‘ll have a nice hairstyle side.

Media Braid

In the same way you do a braid of fish, it shall let half, to leave the final part of your hair free, and you can wear a hairstyle side simple hairstyle, but nice.

Churros hairstyle

Part of the crown, hold your hair with a rubber band. In the middle, leaving a free lock and well brushed in front takes a lock and do churrito. Unes that lock the back, do the same with the other end, and voila, you have a hairstyle flirty and fashionable.

With these practical hairstyles, you can go to any place or event and see very beautiful and different without spending a beauty salon.