Hairstyles for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important opportunity to reunite the family closer date. To look amazing, do not forget that your hair is an important part of your outfit. This year surprises with a beautiful hairstyle that makes you look spectacular in this celebration.

Vintage style

Give a different touch to your look with this simple hairstyle to vintage style , you need to create waves throughout your hair, make a line side and attach two strands of the front of each side with a pin or metal ornament. It is the most simple and quick hairstyles do for any hair type.

Braided crown

Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle is perfect for this special day, create a braid in the back of your head and then bring it to the front holding with pins. If your hair is very short then make two braids and attach them to the front.

Chongo side

This hairstyle is the simplest and ideal for sharing this day with your family, you need to do is smooth the hair and make a ponytail side you prefer the nape of the neck, then roll it creating the bun and drops wisps for a more tousled look.

Tousled plait side

Ideal for those with medium or long hair, it is a regular braid or you can turn it a braid des fish once it is done pulling a few strands on the sides to loosen the braid and that does not look so formal.

Braid in fleco

For those with short, long or medium hair with or without bangs this hairstyle is ideal, it is about creating a braid with parts of hair in front of sliding to one side to give a twisted fringe effect.

Media tail curls

Make waves throughout your hair with grilled or as you like, then take two locks on each side and creates a baby grand, you can make some crepe on top to make it look bulky.

high ponytail

For those who prefer hair pulled high ponytails are an ideal, like Emma Roberts straighten your hair with the hair iron, then stretch it back by creating a high colet, tie it with a thin rubber band and wrap a piece of hair through the league not to be see.

high chignon

Hairstyles that are fashionable high chongo you can get quickly making a high ponytail and rolling up your hair through the donut to create a thick bun.

Complements any of these hairstyles for Thanksgiving a formal dress that makes you feel comfortable in this very special to share with your family date.