Hairstyles for Short Hair Footsteps

Short hair can be a bit tricky to comb a few times but with creativity and these ideas can discover new ways to fix it without complicate and beautiful look at formal events or normal days.

side chignon

This chignon for short hair is quick to make and very elegant. Riza slightly and gives your hair a little volume at the crown.Begins to twist your hair from the lower left to the right and hold.Place the remaining hair in the same direction, you can do it by sections to be easier.

Pin-up short hair

For this hairstyle you require a garter for hair, it can be the same color or textured to give a touch of color to your hair. Place the league over your hair, leaving the ends on the other side as seen in the photo. Choose small tufts and acomódalo inward league, do it with all your hair. Finally fixer and comb sets.

Braids for short hair

Divide your hair into two parts as shown in the picture you do not have to be very precise, with each side make a French braid and sujétalas with a rubber band. Finally, hides the end of the braid your hair inward at the bottom of your head, and placed above the other.

Picked up 5 minutes

Make some waves in your hair to give volume. Separate a top of the size you want, you can give a little volume with crepe below or push the front and hold. Use this quick hairstyle for normal office or school day.

Gathered braid

Select a part of in front of your hair, you can be your fringe and make a stuck braid ends in the neck. With the rest of hair braiding and subject beam where you put the first one with pins as seen in the photo. To give a unique touch added any accessory you like, like a bun or a pin.

Half Up tousled

Make crepe on top of your hair, for this separates the first layer and the locks combed backwards beneath this, comb the top and fastened with pins in the back layer. Use this option for a party or go out with your friends and informal events.

Medium collected ballerina

Separate the front of your hair, gives volume to the back and then make a loose braid up to half of your hair, fastened with a liguita. Place as seen in the picture an chewed and ready ballerina or have an original hairstyle.

Chignon with accessory

Iron your hair for this hairstyle to be more easy and tidy, divided into three parts, subject and wrap your hair inward as seen in the photo. Use a bow to cover fasteners.

Gathered with volume

This collected for short hair is ideal for a party and very simple to do. Separate the front of your hair and will clamp to avoid confusion. Divide the back into two as seen in the photo. The lower section divide it into various parts, separately and sujétalas tuércelas with pins toward the center of your head. With the top’ll volume to your hair, twist the hair and push or you can make a crepe and combed mode. Curl slightly to end the first section of hair you separated to give a romantic touch to your hairstyle.

Give your hair a unique touch with accessories and different ideas to fix it.