Hairstyles for Heat

To look cool and stylish in this hot weather, no need to cut your hair or having to pick a boring bun. So here we show in June hairstyles for heat easy to perform.

The upside down braided bum

Keeping a bun hot weather is the easiest option, however it is not the same unkempt use one to imprint a unique label that you stand out from the others. That is the upside down braided bun, consisting of braiding your hair from the bottom up and finish with a bun.

Crown of braids

The braids will become your best ally in hot weather because they are easy and quick to do. So if you need to go to a meeting and not have time to go to the living room, this is your best option.

Triple Topsy Tail

Horsetail or ponytail is a classic that all use ever when girls, now give a twist to look modern by adding different levels that create the illusion of volume in your hair.

Braid with side chongo

For those who like traditional hairstyles like braids and chongos, this option integrates the best way to hold all the hair with a classic braid, ranging from the forehead to the neck, culminating with a beautiful chongo side .

Bun with accessories

One of the easiest ways to turn a hairstyle from simple to spectacular, is to add accessories such as a head scarf with your favorite design and look fantastic in addition, can contribute part of your personality hairstyle.

I bun with braids

If you are already an expert at manipulating the hair, then you can try this hairstyle. Just carefully follow the steps to comb yourhair as shown in the picture and get an enviable look.

Now you just have to choose the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle, but remember to wear a perfect hairstyle, it is important to constant care in your hair.