Hairstyles for Fly

Despite being the team that at the time of travel think more on comfort than the glamour, I always try to travel.

Choose a look comfortable, but true to my style, big bag to fit all and travel case equipped with all kind of moisturizer-face, body, mouth-for use during the flight.

At the time of entering the destination, after spending the night on the plane, usually I’m all “kneaded”. That’s why the best friends are sunglasses, blush and a hairbrush. Right?

My hair tends to be well murchinho on the plane, smooth and electric. So, time to go I always end up holding the wires anyway, in disguise. But I confess that I miss more elaborate ideas for those hours, even more if we had someone waiting at the destination. Nobody deserves to go over her boyfriend, family and friends look over, huh?

With that in mind, I decided to share with you some ideas that I found in an article in, with fast and comfortable “hairstyles” and “pró-soneca” – no one deserves to be with the scalp sore for 10:00 in a row and even put your head on the bench with a right in the middle.

Check out our gallery that suggests Plaits – and the beautiful waves comes from bonuses when releasing the Cornrows-, half-bun Shorty, coke well tall and a minimalist buckle to secure your hair in a simple but chiquetosa has also breaks the branch.

I want to see everyone getting cat in terminal, huh?