Hairstyles for a Date

In an appointment always we want to look beautiful but without seeming too interested in obtaining it , nor trimmed excess hair is always a problem but these ideas are cute and very easy to make.

Mermaid tail

It is a variation of the traditional braid and looks very nice, it’s super easy to do, you can despeinarla a little touch for more relaxed.


This is a very feminine and beautiful hair, can do it in less than five minutes and if you prefer to do it with all the hair and not just half.

Headband braids

It is a hippie look with a touch yet very feminine and easy to do.

Coleta funky side

Nothing easier than to roll up your hair to one side and tie it in a ponytail very cute.

Braid side

A braid very casual and unkempt side, you always you out of a pinch, you can undulate your hair for that bohemian air.

Waterfall braid

It is ideal for any length and any hair texture, but with wavy hair give him a more romantic touch.

collected under

You can get a pickup at the bottom of the head and decorate each side with a braid.

Tucked high

If you prefer the high collected, you can use this option also takes braids but these are surrounding the hairstyle.

Crown of braids

This crown made with braids is very simple and looks good for a simple appointment or for a formal dinner.

Now you can make peace with your hair with these beautiful hairstyles, surely your partner will love.