Haircuts for Summer

If you are one of those women who are afraid to change, this is your chance to give a twist to your look with just make a different court. Remember to always choose a cut according to your face shape, this in order that luzcas ad hoc both your personality and the trend. Here are eight Hairstyles for Summer for sure you will love…

Wavy bob

It is ideal for girls with curly hair because it will give a special fall and if your hair is abundant, remove volume and look more natural and fresh. If your hair is smooth, do not worry, you can use iron or tongs to create waves. It goes with oval faces diamond or diamond style.

Garçon with bangs

Especially for women with slim-fine hair and oval face, it is a great tendency court also you can give it a wavy touch, or leave smooth, depending on your style. Because it is short, it gives you freshness and elegance. Look better if you dye this to give nuances.

Light waves degraded

Ideal for round faces, because the gradient is going really well with the length. By removing some volume, lengthen your face. So try to be gentle waves. If you can add Californian wicks you will be feeling the summer. Despite being a long cut, it gives freshness and makes you look jovial.

Long with bangs open

If you have a square face, this cut is definitely yours, because the open bangs soften your features and make you look sweetest, eliminate the parts that sometimes make you look rough. If you want to have wavy, try to not fully curled. Ideally, the hair is smooth.

Short with straight bangs

It is very much in trend this summer short hair, so do not hesitate to apply yourself style straight bangs, especially if you have a long face because it will shorten and give a rounder touch. You can get defined waves or leave it smooth. But always giving volume. In addition to providing freshness, the cut will be bold and flirty.

Long hair soft waves

Very simple cut, but nice and cute, ideal for long, unruly hair, and you do not need comb it but just give it some shape. The tips are slightly degrafiladas and part of the front yourself a fringe long you can comb subtly side.

bob climbing

Undoubtedly one of the most daring cuts this summer, is perfect for women with straight hair and left with long hair . This type of cut will help define your face. Will give a touch of fun thanks to the degrafilado throughout the hair and you’ll look younger.

short hair side

Also known as style bob, is much in trend, no matter if your hair is straight or wavy. It is a fairly simple and elegant cut. It is ideal for a radical change of look. It is perfect oval faces, and believe it or not, a square faces. It will create the effect of having finer features, plus you’ll feel fresh.

As you may realize, the trend of cuts for this summer is a pretty casual, simple, yet style with a touch of elegance .Whether you have short, long, wavy, straight, curly, hair etc., will be fashionable long as you bring a tousled and virtually no head or tail cut. Do not forget that the most important is your style and how you merge with the trends in vogue.