Haircuts for Men with the Big Forehead

How are you guys doing?
Today we will talk about an essential subject in the blog of Global Fashion styles and very common by the way, which are the men with the big forehead, head or face so big anymore, as they prefer.
Let’s get to the point. 

Below our eternal little vampire of “Twilight” has the “Lady Forehead” and manages to balance well this stylish hair.
Fact is that men with this characteristic usually possess the rounded head but that is not a rule. Some have the forehead with a larger width as well as the top of the big head, which flees a bit of the pattern of the triangular face format, because the remainder of the face proportions are larger, so the confusion in the time to choose the haircut. But on the other hand there are also men who besides possessing the most rounded face, even above they are out of the weight which confers a fuller face which makes it also preferable a hairdo that balances the aspect ratios of the face.
The common characteristic in this case is that the forehead always gains prominence and if the choice of the haircut is wrong, the problem becomes more apparent. For men who have lateral entrances in the hair, the forehead will definitely become more prominent.
But in this life everything has a way, as well we know the hair function as the frame of our face, and hence with some tricks it is possible to harmonize in a very effective way.
Next time you go to the barber, watch out for:
– as the fundamental principle is to balance the proportions, so avoid the full and textureless haircuts, because so the only thing that will happen is to emphasise further the larger head.
Bet! Cut in layers help frame and balance the size of the head. If allied to a textured hairstyle upward gives a more elongated look, which is ideal in these cases.
– for those who prefer an average hair size, prefer the sides a little shorter and on the top with more texture. This trick makes the visual create a straight and square line by removing the focus from the forehead.
In the picture, Zac Efron, Wagner Moura and Russel Crowe utilize the volume of hair on top and sides to disguise the size of the head.
– Already for men who do not hand out short hair, the tip is to use the well-rented sides and the rising top and sticking always keeping the wires disconnected and upward.
So, did you get the knack for balancing the big forehead you got? Or do you know someone who has this great enemy of being Humaninho? Rs