Haircuts 2016

Do you want to make yourself a makeover and your hair look different? Before you make a change is best to compare between different options and trends, so we bring you the best cuts for 2016.


Both celebrities like normal people love and use this hair style , in fact this court has been admired for its convenience and attractiveness that gives women, no matter if you have straight or curly hair surely will enjoy its elegant benefits.

Melena Midi XXL

It takes polished without coat, straight and slightly worked at the tips. It is a perfect fit for faces oval, is a very strong trend for 2016.

Bob Minimal

The bob straight manes are out, continue to see cuts minimalist but with a set of textures on the fringe, perfect for oval and square faces.

Asymmetrical Bob

With this cut, we say goodbye to  bob  straight and angled to make way for a cut asymmetrical and unkempt with broken waves and effect  effortless  framing almost all types of faces. To achieve this effect, dry your hair upside down and help yourself wax to make the tips.

Waves Sirena

Create waves mermaid is a trick funny beauty you can do anywhere, just make two long braids before sleeping and adds some small curling around the temple, as your braids are made in disarray get the natural look and trendy definitely it will be easy.

Long bangs

Whether you have short or long hair, bangs a single long can give a boost to your appearance by adding that extra oomph, because the fringe gives you attractive character, when you choose the bangs a long Keep it a little longer.

Fish Braid

Not a haircut, but a hairstyle trend for 2016. The style of a braid of fish is a simple way to highlight your beauty when you go to a casual or formal occasion, this adorable hairstyle can complete your style; you can actually make a braid achieve perfect and beautiful fish in just a matter of time.

Long Melena

You still have not decided to cut your hair, long hair parted in the middle here to stay last year and continues as a trend. Since usually it looks good to all types of faces and it is easy to get.

Before choosing one remember to consider your face shape for a perfect fit and so spectacular shine. Recommends these cuts to your friends and looks beautiful and fashionable with current trends.