Guidelines for Wearing Jewelry

Not always easy to choose the jewelry, a purchase that is often just for fun! Yet it is important to know the match her outfit, morphology and also to his own style.

Differentiate each type of jewelry: Timeless or casual?

There are classic and timeless, which are worn with almost everything. These are fine jewelry, with little or no stone, rhinestone or pearl. They are unobtrusive and easily carry.

The more casual and flashy jewelry with beads, stones or rhinestones are to wear with care! Take the example of total rhinestone look, is it IN or OUT? OUT !!! This total look with rhinestone earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets is to prevent girls. That’s when we can compare you to a Christmas tree!

Wear jewelery as her style 

Ladies, you have a “classic” style? Obviously you will not wear jewelry or fancy wood with a tailor! so we recommend a classic, discreet gold or silver. You can accompany your tailor a nice golden bracelet and you’ll be on top of femininity!

If you want to wear jewelry bohemian or ethnic styles, we must then take a place in line with this type of jewelry. Make them stand out and remain in the natural colors, choose neutral colors like beige, white, brown. However, avoid associating wooden jewelry and printed, we would not see your jewelry! Ethnic jewelry are perfect for men who preferred to see the rings wear this style.

Gentlemen, you have a streetwear, workwear or trendy? The bracelets will suit you best are leather straps.

If you have a rather classic and elegant look, opt for the metal bracelet, the bangle or cuff.

Wear jewelery as its morphology

You are rather small? Avoid then the collars or too heavy jewelry that will give an illusion packed your figure. Prefer fine and delicate jewelry. Conversely, if you are relatively large, long necklaces dare! The jumpers will be your most beautiful accessory!

The choice of earrings depends on the shape of your face. A round face will fit in perfectly with a pair of fine earrings, pendant or even rings. Avoid still too impressive earrings risk of accentuating the roundness effect! People with long faces should however avoid these dangling earrings that accentuate this length. Orient yourself then to non dangling earrings.

Adopt the right jewel in terms of its complexion

No matter whether you’re blonde, brunette or redhead …

You have a golden skin, peach skin, beige or golden freckles? You radiate with gold, copper or gold metal! For stones, choose the blue, turquoise and orange, amethyst or sapphire.

Conversely, you have milky skin, fair skin, pink or olive? The silver, diamond and white gold are for you!

You have a skin dotted with freckles? You have jewelry in yellow or rose gold. And to choose the stones coral or amber!

Choose jewelry with the seasons

 The jewelry can be worn with the seasons. Those summer will not be the same as winter and vice versa. In summer, we adopt fine jewelry, and colorful choker. Important among girls, you nurture your neckline sundress! Go for a fancy necklace original and always in harmony with your outfit. Apart from this rule that you observe, you can afford, then let go of you in the summer!

In winter, it leaves room for gold, silver, black, brown and orange colors. This winter, the trend wants to golden, then imposes its look and adopts large pieces gold!

THE jewel adopt depending on the occasion

 To work, no need to leave the whole range. Ladies, Play modesty! A nice pair of earrings and a watch will do the trick.

Available for men and women to dance, you can let go of you so wear what you like!

For ceremonies, Ladies sequins always have the most beautiful effect. So … Go here for rhinestone or diamond jewelry! And gentlemen, do not forget the cufflinks.

Some mistakes to avoid!

Do not fall into the too much. For example, XXL jewelry can not be worn in excessive quantities. If you choose to wear earrings XXL, so it will not wear necklace and vice versa.

Another tip, avoid mixing a gold jewelry and other silver if the two are reconciled. Everything is about balance!

Then made sure to avoid too big necklaces or near the neck on a Peter Pan collar for example.

With that, one last tip? ALWAYS keep harmony in the materials and colors!